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Dr. Tiller's Death and Abortion: Press Conference With Randall Terry at National Press Club at 1:00 P.M., Monday, June 1st
How the pro-life movement should deal with Dr. Tiller's death
Contact: Kathy Veritas, www.OverturnRoe.com, 904-687-9804
WASHINGTON, June 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, will hold a press conference to discuss how the pro-life movement should deal with Dr. Tiller's death.
Time and Location: National Press Club, 529, 14th Street N.W. Zenger Room, 1:00 PM, Monday, June 1.
Mr. Terry states: "We must not fear, we must not flinch, we must not retreat a single inch. George Tiller was a mass murderer, and we must continue to say so in his death just as we did in his life.
"The pro-life movement must not be browbeaten by Obama or the child-killers into surrendering our best rhetoric, actions, and images. We hold absolutely NO responsibility for his death.
"We must continue to call abortionists 'murderers' according to the teachings of the Church; we must continue to peacefully expose and protest them; and we must continue to show the bloody remains of children that died at the hands of Tiller and his kind."
Go to www.OverturnRoe.com to see a video of Mr. Terry outlining his position.