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Bring Your Bibles to Public Schools Week: Sept 23-29

"Tote 'em & Quote 'em! And use 'em in class!" -- Bob Pawson, a Trenton, NJ public school teacher


Contact: Bob Pawson, SIS National Coordinator, 609-610-3522, BobPawson@bringyourbible.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- The 10th annual, nationwide "Scriptures in Schools Week" is scheduled for September 23-29. Christian students, teachers, and staff in public schools throughout America are encouraged to bring their Bibles to school.

"The only people keeping the Bible out of America's public schools are - us Christians," says Bob Pawson, SIS National Coordinator. "It's not the ACLU, Supreme Court, or school boards: It's just us."

"But, good news! We Christians can lovingly and legally remedy this by simply bringing in our own personal Bibles. Let's fill America's public schools with Biblical information by using legitimate scholarly techniques. By simply exercising our American rights and liberties, we can help fulfill the Great Commission."

Christian students in public schools can practice "Academic Evangelism" by creatively using relevant Bible references to complete a few of their in-class and homework assignments each week. Teachers, especially Christians, should readily accept such assignments. It is legal to display such student-generated work on classroom and hallway bulletin boards.

"Dare to bring your Bibles - all year long. Make Bibles commonplace books in America's classrooms," says Pawson, a Trenton, NJ public school teacher. "Tote 'em and quote 'em! And use 'em in class!"

Every church in America has public school students and employees in their congregations. Please educate, motivate and activate them to bring their Bibles to school. Make it a Youth Group priority to help restore basic Biblical literacy to America's students. Organize now. Hold multi-church rallies before SIS Week. Wear Christian t-shirts to school.

SIS Week inspires bold, visionary participation among students in 12th grade thru Kindergarten nationwide, who realize that they can effectively introduce Bible concepts to classmates in an acceptable manner which is both scholarly and casual.

Christian pastors (from your pulpits), broadcasters, publications, e-ministries, bloggers, bookstores, coffeehouses, and performing artists are exhorted to promote SIS Week. Activate Youth Groups in thousands of churches. SIS Week complements other September events including 'See You at The Pole' and 'Adopt-A-School for Christ'. Parents: bring your Bibles to work.

Christians reading this article: Please exercise personal initiative and leadership to promote/publicize SIS Week in your sphere of influence. Don't wait for a leader: Be one. Recruit others. THINK KINGDOM -- ACT LOCALLY. Distribute copies of this press release at your church.

www.bringyourbible.com has details about SIS Project, student and teacher legal rights, creative action ideas, church-bulletin inserts, etc. Phone: 609-610-3522