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Dr. James Linzey of Military Bible Association Urges South Carolina Military Members and Pastors to Support Ron Paul for President

Contact: Dr. James Linzey's Staff, 760-855-3905, theleadersbible@gmail.com

COLUMBIA, S.C., Jan. 13, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Former resident of Fort Jackson and Charleston, Dr. James F. Linzey, Retired Chaplain with the rank of Major, who now heads up the Military Bible Association, is asking all military personnel and pastors in the State of South Carolina to get out the vote and support Congressman Ron Paul for the Office of President of the United States.

"This is our moment to overhaul the United States government and restore the Constitution of the United States to her rightful position -- the standard of government," said the former television host of Operation Freedom, which rivaled Armed Forces Television. "The historical role of the United States Armed Forces has been and always will be to secure America's shores, skies and borders. Ron Paul will get the job done! He is the only candidate on both sides of the aisle who will put religious and civil freedoms first, and special interest groups on the back burner permanently," Linzey said in an interview with Dr. Janice Hollis of Hollis Media Group.

Dr. Linzey continued, "If military members want to come home and secure America from all enemies, foreign and domestic, as the Constitution says they're supposed to do, Ron Paul is the Commander-in-Chief they need to make this a reality." Congressman Paul is a Baptist who does not exploit religion for political gain.

"Everywhere I go," said Linzey, "I am reminded that Americans are people of faith. But many are fearful that the candidate they want most will not be popular enough to beat President Obama. Well, it's time to take a 'leap of faith' and not compromise any longer. Americans have compromised too long, and observe how bad off we are today. It's time to put America first regardless of our fears. It's time to give a genuine Constitutionalist a chance to put the Constitution to work for us before we totally lose our freedoms.'"

"I am asking military personnel and pastors of the great State of South Carolina to support Ron Paul before we lose America altogether. We may not survive another four more years without a true guardian of the US Constitution looking out for us. Ron Paul is the Ronald Reagan of today. I served Ronald Reagan. Please give America a chance. Support former Air Force Captain Ron Paul," the evangelical evangelist stated.