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Washington Post Column Reveals Anti-Christian Animus

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WASHINGTON, May 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- One of the most influential newspapers in America published a column Friday about the National Day of Prayer observance that was an egregious attack on Christianity and an insult to Bible believers across the United States. Dana Milbank, a former White House correspondent for the Washington Post dishonestly distorted quotes and disregarded facts in order to denigrate events that celebrated free speech, religious liberty and the sacred beliefs of 240 million Americans.


In his "Washington Sketch" column titled "Dozens of Heads Were Bowed", Milbank suggested that the 18th annual U. S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon was a flop because 600 chairs set up on the West Lawn of the Capitol were unoccupied at the time he visited the venue. Even though Milbank was informed that the chairs were in place for the event that followed, the Capital Region National Day of Prayer observance, he posited that the Marathon was a failure because it didn't attract an audience. Had Milbank actually witnessed the late afternoon event, led by Dr. Corinthia Boone, an African-American woman with a vibrant ministry in Washington he would have seen every chair occupied with attendees united in praise, prayer and worship.


Milbank rhetorically asked, "Where was everybody?" but it was clear that he wasn't interested in the answer. Had he taken the time to listen he would have heard about:


  • 150 students who came from California, West Virginia and Florida to read the Bible aloud.


  • A man who traveled from Minneapolis to bring his 9-year-old daughter to show her how precious religious freedom is and how blessed Americans are to possess it.


  • Two Eagle Scouts and two Boy Scouts who traveled from Peoria to read the Bible at 4:00 in the morning.


  • Two elderly women who braved some of the most dangerous streets of inner city Washington to read the Bible at 1:00 AM.


  • A Christian youth choir of over 60 members who traveled from Riverside, CA to each read a portion of scripture then kneel to pray for the nation and its leaders. After that they quietly sang 'God bless America' while still on their knees in the shadow of the U. S. Capitol.


  • A woman who boarded a bus in New York City at 1:30 AM and rode all night in order to read the Bible in the only half- hour time slot that was available in the early morning. She said that she was honored to be able to read the book of Ruth and the lines about being brought to the kingdom for such a time as this.


  • A grandmother who drove from Pennsylvania to bring her granddaughter, age eleven, who had a strong desire to read the Bible aloud to the nation.


  • An 86-year-old woman who came every day to the Capitol in order to read her Bible aloud and stayed late into each night listening to the Words of God contained in the Bible and to kneel in prayer for her nation.


  • Bible believers from nations around the world that have no religious freedom who came to read the Scriptures aloud in their own languages – an act which would cause their incarceration and even torture in their native lands.


  • Many others around the world who heard the live Internet broadcast. A listener called from Europe during the broadcast to report that it was being heard and enjoyed in Seville, Spain.


  • Members of Congress from both parties who cherish religious freedom and the Word of God enough to humble themselves to read alongside ordinary citizens.


All came not to entertain a crowd, but to honor God's Holy Word and to publicly acknowledge Him as sovereign. Instead of writing an accurate portrayal of the inspirational Bible reading that took place at the U. S. Capitol, Milbank launched into a personal attack on one of the many volunteers who tirelessly labored to stage the event with the apparent intent to disparage the entire celebration. Ironically, the Washington Post columnist posed a question that could only be interpreted as a deliberate effort to offend, but instead underscored a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith. Milbank focused on the moral failings of a former colleague, wondering how such a man could come to be associated with an organization that encourages public profession of the teachings of Jesus Christ.


The hundreds of readers who spent 90 hours over five days reading the Bible at the event already knew the answer to that question and if Milbank had listened to any of them, he would have discovered it, too. Simply stated, the Bible is the true story of God's love for humankind and His amazing plan of redemption from sin through the sacrifice, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Milbank could have benefited at the U. S. Capitol Bible Marathon if he had opened his ears and his heart to the words that were being read aloud.


Unfortunately, Dana Milbank and the Washington Post instead chose to ridicule and mock Christians, an act that carries no earthy consequences and often little public reaction. In 2006, the Washington Post refused to print cartoons of the prophet Mohammed for fear of offending Muslims, but Milbank's column shows that the newspaper considers Christians "fair game."

Contact Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell at 202-334-7582 or ombudsman@washpost.com.