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Huckabee on Homosexuality: A Man of Integrity

Contact: Stephen Bennett, www.TheParentsGroup.com, 203-926-6960; Stephen Bennett's Bio: www.igroops.com/igroops/theparentsgroup/adminpages/media


HUNTINGTON, Conn., Dec. 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- Stephen Bennett is executive director and founder of www.TheParentsGroup.com, a worldwide Christian support community for parents with children who are homosexual, HIV positive or children who have died from complications due to HIV/AIDS.


Stephen has devoted his life's work to exclusively dealing with the homosexual issue - and HIV/AIDS - from a biblical, Christian perspective.


There is an underlying passion that drives Bennett.


Stephen is a FORMER homosexual, one who has lost homosexual partners and friends to HIV/AIDS. Due to his risky behavior, it's a miracle Bennett is even alive.


Stephen is now happily married 14 years to his wife Irene, and he is the father of the couple's two young children.


It's a coincidence that Stephen left his homosexual lifestyle in 1992 -- the same year now presidential candidate Mike Huckabee made his statements on HIV/AIDS and reference to homosexuality as being "sinful."


"It was just a matter of time before Huckabee's statements resurfaced and I am thankful they did. I'm even more thankful for Mike Huckabee not denying what he said, but clarifying his remarks and holding true to his firm moral convictions on homosexuality. It is also clear he has a deep concern for those affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as prevention of the virus and the protection of the general population," said Stephen. "This is a real man of integrity."


Other presidential candidates have taken similar positions on the same issues at hand.


This past September, Stephen participated as a private citizen in the Values Voter Presidential Debate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was honored to be asked by the organizers of the event to pose a question on the issue of homosexuality to all of the attending presidential candidates.


All of the Republican and Democratic candidates were invited. Unfortunately, all of the Democratic candidates declined. Several Republicans also declined and included Giuliani, Romney, Thompson and McCain.


Mike Huckabee participated in the debate.


Bennett's question to all of the presidential candidates was:


"My name is Stephen Bennett. I used to think I was born gay and was sexually active in the homosexual lifestyle for 11 years. Now, I'm happily married for almost 15 years to my wife, Irene, and we have two wonderful children. Homosexual behavior is immoral and dangerous – I know: Many of my friends, both male and female, are now dead. Even so, schools across the nation teach our children that homosexuality is healthy, normal and unchangeable. I'm living proof that's NOT true. As president, would you support legislation ensuring that schools forfeit federal funding if they expose our children to homosexual propaganda that puts them at risk?"


Every single presidential candidate on stage - including Mike Huckabee - answered Stephen exactly the same.




(To view Stephen at the debate, go to: http://afa.net/debate/ Scroll the timeline to 108 minutes to play).


For interview requests, please contact Stephen Bennett in Connecticut at (203) 926-6960. Stephen has appeared on almost every major network and cable news broadcast. For further information, please visit www.SBMinistries.org or www.TheParentsGroup.com. Stephen is not endorsing nor promoting ANY presidential candidate or party, but commenting on the issues SBM and TheParentsGroup.com regularly deal with.