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Messianic Jewish Lobby Blasts UN Anti-Israel Blacklist
Urgent Call for Action to Christians Who Love Israel
Alliance for Israel Advocacy (AIA)
March 2, 2020
WASHINGTON, March 2, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Alliance for Israel Advocacy (AIA) (www.israeladvocates.org) today strongly condemned the recently released United Nations blacklist of companies that engage in economic support of West Bank settlements. The first of its kind report from the UN in its 75-year history, issued Feb 12, lists 112 companies it claims are involved in supporting and facilitating settlement activity and is recommending the boycott of their goods and services.
Joel Chernoff, Executive Director of AIA said, "This 'blacklist' is unprecedented and an outrage. It includes companies that provide basic goods and services to both Jews and Arabs working and shopping together in West Bank settlements as well as companies that help to protect civilians from terror attacks. This is the United Nations' anti-Semitic and bigoted views laid bare."
Rabbi Dr. Joel Liberman, President of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) added, "This unprecedented resolution was designed for one reason - to undermine Israel's right to exist. There are many disputed territories across the world, yet there is nothing like this resolution pertaining to any of those locations. This is just the latest example of long running discrimination by the UN against Israel and the Jewish people."
Urgent Call for Action
"For this reason," Chernoff adds, "the Alliance for Israel Advocacy urgently calls on all pro-Israel Christian organizations, denominations and individuals to come to the defense of the Jewish people and Israel by encouraging the Trump Administration and Congressional leaders to take concrete disciplinary action both in aid and finances against the UN and countries supporting the anti-Israel blacklist."
Chernoff continued, "Anti-Semitism is growing and increasingly brazen. Talk is cheap. Real action on behalf of Israel is what is now needed to stem the rising tide of anti-Semitism here in the U.S. and around the world."
The Alliance for Israel Advocacy (AIA) seeks to activate and organize American support for Israel by articulating Israel's biblical claim to the Land. AIA is the public policy arm of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America which is the largest organization worldwide representing the Messianic Jewish community. AIA seeks to equip the Christian church, policy makers and the media with resources to foster greater understanding of the biblical case for Israel's claim to the historic Land of Israel, her right to self-determination, and for her role in world redemption.
SOURCE Alliance for Israel Advocacy (AIA)
CONTACT: Joel Chernoff, 610-304-2237, joelchernoff@mjaa.org
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