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The Defenders Launch Nation-Wide Campaign on Fathers Day - 'She Has A Name'

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Contact: Melissa Snow, Shared Hope International, 703-351-8062, melissa@sharedhope.org

WASHINGTON, June 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- In an effort to help prevent commercial sexual exploitation of children in America, The Defenders, organized by Shared Hope International (SHI) has launched a national effort by men for men to combat the use of child pornography and prostitution.

“She Has A Name,” an ad created by The Defenders, advances the first offensive in the battle against sexual exploitation of children by the sex industry and its buyers. The ad, calling on men to join The Defenders, airs nation-wide beginning this Friday, June 16th. The ad specifically challenges men to be defenders and protectors of children, not abusers. Alyn Waller of Philadelphia concludes the ad stating, "Real men defend women and children no matter whose daughters they are." To view the PSA, please visit www.thedefendersusa.org.

Researchers estimate that the sale of child pornography alone has become a $3 billion dollar a year industry, and 55% of that industry is based in the United States. Men are the primary consumers in this marketplace of victimization in America.

Linda Smith, Founder of Shared Hope International said, “Sexual slavery is rampant around the world, but God forbid we should attack the problem in every nation on earth and allow our own children here in North America to be taken, used, and destroyed by the predators. We need men to take a stand against the commercial sexual exploitation of children in America.”

The Defenders will specifically focus on raising public awareness of the harms of buying sex and using pornography to both the victim and the buyer or user; encourage public debate on the normalization of buying younger and younger children, as evidenced by the growing number of children being drawn into prostitution at age 11 and younger; challenge civil society groups including faith-based organizations and churches to provide refuge and services to the victims and the victimizers, many of whom believe they are now unacceptable to society; provide resources through The Defenders website to men to help educate each other and access help.

Over the course of the past several years, SHI has researched and investigated the sex industry markets around the world where women and children have been exploited. SHI recently hosted the “United States Mid-Term Review on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in America” in Washington, DC, which gathered grassroots organizations from around the country along with top-level government officials to discuss an agenda for action to combat this issue within our borders.

For more information on The Defenders, please visit www.thedefendersusa.org


About Shared Hope International
Shared Hope International exists to rescue and restore women and children in crisis. We are leaders in a worldwide effort to prevent and eradicate sex trafficking and slavery through education and public awareness.

For almost a decade, Shared Hope International has served the worlds most destitute. We work diligently across the world, partnering with local groups to help women and children enslaved in the sex trade by providing them with shelter, healthcare, education and vocational training opportunities. Our three-pronged strategy—prevent, rescue and restore—is producing hope. We will not give up. We will continue going into the darkness, rescuing and restoring young women and precious children—one life at a time.