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Why Do You Let The Federal Government Steal From You?

Contact: Pastor Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America's Values also known as CRAVE.  859-219-1222, 859-619-2811

WASHINGTON, October 16 /Christian Newswire/ -- Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America's Values asks, "Why do you allow the federal government to steal money from your Social Security taxes and steal it without your permission?"

Swarthout said that the federal government has been stealing from the American public when they misappropriate money you have sent to them expressly for the purpose of funding Social Security.  In other words, your Congressmen and Senators have simply decided to take this money away from you.  It is your money and it has been "stolen" to be used for other purposes.

Yesterday the first baby boomer filed for social security benefits and triggered the thought that millions of baby boomers will soon be filing and will bankrupt the Social Security System.  According to some experts the system will be bankrupt by 2017 because the federal government has been stealing your tax money which you earmarked to fund Social Security.

Swarthout said, "This is stealing, plain and simple.  Why do we allow the federal government to steal this money without saying a word?  The sad truth of the matter is that our government has become so big and so deceptive; it is time for some action to be taken against the government by the people of our nation.

Let's not forget, our government was set up to be BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

Swarthout said, "I have been in Washington DC long enough to know that politicians have become so partisan in their decision making that all they can think about is how to "get" those who are on the other side of the aisle.  Meanwhile, they are "getting" the rest of America by stealing from the funds that we send to them which are for funding our Social Security."

This is to say nothing of the fact that they keep spending money when we don't have the money they are spending.  Every Presidential candidate just keeps promising us new spending and that has to mean either new taxes or new debt.  "Which one of those do you want?" Swarthout asked. 

The only other choice is to vote everyone out of office who does not think like an American instead like a Democrat or Republican.  The times have brought us to this point in our history where those who are running for office can only think along the lines of Partisan Politics and how to "get" the American people by double talking us to death. 

We must vote these people out of office and vote in a group of brand new people who are Americans first and foremost.  Maybe it is time to think about this problem in a long term way and to form a new third party. 

Of course a lot of people will say that we need a third party and a lot of others will say that will only divide the strength of the two parties we already have.  On the other hand, maybe it is time for us to think about this problem in a way that may not be easy, but is a long term solution.

Maybe we should be thinking of a name for our new Party.  Call me with your suggestions, Don Swarthout 859/219-1222.  Unless we miss our guess, this Party will be well funded.