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Sexpert Pastor Mark Driscoll is Told, 'Enough is Enough'

Contact: Ingrid Schlueter, Co-Host, Crosstalk Radio Talk Show, 414-881-5852, www.SliceofLaodicea.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- For years, Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle has styled himself as hip and relevant and gritty. He's made a name for himself with his irreverence, his ultra-cool persona and most of all, for his crass discussion of sexual matters. It is this discussion of sexual matters that is increasingly removing Mr. Driscoll from the company of Christians who believe he long ago crossed a line of acceptable conduct for an evangelical pastor.

Pastor Driscoll, in a recent blog post, promotes a website called ChristianNymphos.org which features articles on how a Christian wife can turn herself into a dominatrix. the glories of An-l and or-l sex, and the use of sex toys. Driscoll also sees himself as a sex advice counselor on his Mars Hill Blog, dispensing his recommendations for things like sex during menstruation and marital masturbation. In short, he makes Planned Parenthood instructional videos look tame.

The fact that this press release is unlikely to make it through Internet filters speaks for itself. Author and former head of Eagle Forum in Washington state, Cathy Mickels, issued a press release yesterday, decrying the foul material being passed off in the name of relevant ministry by Mr. Driscoll. I join Mrs. Mickels in her profound disgust that this pastor has been legitimized and endorsed by leading Bible teachers like John Piper and Erwin Lutzer. Driscoll is allowed the platform that he has because Christian leaders have not said, "enough is enough!" Women are now having to speak up about the degrading and filthy content of Mr. Driscoll's "ministry."

At a time when American young people are hit in the face with graphic sexuality in every facet of our culture, the church should be a safe haven where the sacredness and privacy of the act of marriage is respected by pastors. Those with sexual issues need to receive private counseling---not sex seminars in a church auditorium. For generations, Christian pastors have managed to convey the Scripture's teachings on fornication, adultery and the beauty of sexuality within marriage without sullying and cheapening it, Driscoll-style.

Mark Driscoll is a sad product of our times. While waving his orthodox doctrinal credentials, he has simultaneously embraced the spirit of the age when it comes to his treatment of sex. In the process, he is pornifying the church and only adding to the moral squalor of our culture.

Contact: Ingrid Schlueter, Co-Host
Crosstalk Radio Talk Show