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Abortion Super Bowl Ad Reaction: Candidates Prepare for Fallout
Candidates post videos for "post-abortive," pro-lifers, and pro-choicers. "Our hearts go out to those who feel deep pain from these ads…" -- Randall Terry
Contact: Juan Lepanto, Randall Terry for President, 202-531-7547
WASHINGTON, Feb. 5, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Federal Candidates Randall Terry, Angela Michael, and David Lewis have posted videos and articles reaching out to those who have participated in an abortion, as well as videos instructing pro-lifers how to defend the use of graphic images of aborted babies during the Super. All three candidates have created blogs at their web-sites to allow people to "vent" and debate.
The Videos are instructional and explanatory for those who have participated in the death of a child, for pro-life advocates, and for the advocates of abortion.
Randall Terry states:
"We know these ads are going to cause a crisis for thousands – perhaps millions – of Americans who have participated in the murder of an unborn baby. Our hearts grieve for those experiencing a horrible depth of guilt and pain. But nevertheless, the path to making it a crime to kill unborn babies requires that we show the victims of this holocaust. Their mangled bodies are their testimony that they are human, and that they were murdered.
"We pray that our videos for post-abortive Americans give some hope and healing to those who are marred by abortion; that the videos to pro-lifers give them the fortitude to defend these ads; and that the videos to "pro-choice" Americans bring them to repentance."
The Three Videos are entitled:
1) Message For Those who Personally have Felt This Pain.
2) Message to Concerned Pro-Lifers.
3) Message to "Pro-Choice" People.
In Addition, Andrea Terry (Randall's Wife) wrote an article entitled: "What do you say to small children who have seen this ad?"
All three videos and Mrs. Terry's article can be seen at www.TerryForPresident.com on the front page.
In addition, Angela Michael and David Lewis have posted links to the same on the front page of their web sites.
Angela Michael's and David Lewis' Ads can be seen at www.AngelaMichaelForCongress.com  and www.DavidLewisForCongress.com