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New Podcast Exposes that Michael Schiavo Lied to the Court Regarding Terri's 'Wish' to Die

Bobby Schindler
July 11, 2022

CINCINNATI, July 11, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- During Episode 7 of Lynn Vincent's new true crime podcast, Lawless, "The Trouble with Uncle Fred," a reviewing of the 1984 video of Terri and Michael Schiavo's wedding raised serious questions regarding Michael's testimony claiming that Terri told him she didn't want to live a disabled life.

In 2000, Michael petitioned a Florida court, seeking permission to end Terri's life. Since Terri was unable to speak, and she had no written medical directive, the decision to end her life was based largely on Michael's claim that it was Terri's "wish" to die.

Michael's attorney would have to provide the court, "clear and convincing" evidence that Terri told Michael, before her mysterious accident, that she would not want to live if she was disabled. A key person Michael identified during his testimony, in an attempt to prove his claims, was Terri's uncle, Fred Schindler.

In 1980, Uncle Fred was involved in a critical auto accident that left him with a severe brain injury. According to Michael, after the accident, Uncle Fred was infirmed, disabled, couldn't walk, and needed to be cared for by others, particularly his elderly mother (Terri's grandmother), who he lived with after his accident.

Michael testified that it was in 1987 when Terri told him she was worried about Uncle Fred, and that if her grandmother died, no one would be able to take care of him. According to Michael, Terri said that if she ever ended up in a condition like her uncle, she wouldn't want to be a burden to those caring for her.

However, during Lynn Vincent's conversation with Kathy Brown, Uncle Fred's daughter, it was learned that between 1984 and 1986, contrary to Michael's account that Terri's uncle was seriously disabled, Uncle Fred was living an active life.

After intensive rehabilitation and therapy spanning just a few months, Uncle Fred was driving himself to and from work every day, working out at the gym, and going to family parties that Michael and Terri also attended. Moreover, the reason Terri's grandmother moved in with Uncle Fred was so that he could in fact take care of her, at odds with Michael's assertion.

And then there is the indisputable 1984 video of Terri and Michael's wedding where Uncle Fred can clearly be seen strolling through the receiving line, laughing, and chatting, congratulating Michael and Terri.

This raises serious questions as to the legitimacy of Michael's sworn statements. If Uncle Fred can be seen attending their 1984 wedding, and they were together with Uncle Fred at family functions, witnessing that he was living an ordinary life between 1984 and 1986, how can we be expected to believe that in 1987, Terri told Michael she would never want to live "severely disabled" like her uncle? The only rational conclusion is that Michael invented the conversation he had with Terri regarding her uncle's disability.

Lynn Vincent also interviewed Richard Pearse, who was appointed Terri's guardian ad litem in the case before Judge Greer dismissed him. During the podcast, Lynn Vincent shared with Pearse the new finding about the wedding video. Pearse was clearly troubled:

    I'm surprised by what you're telling me. It disappoints me if what you're saying is true and somebody lied about that uncle, and about Terri's statement. That's a that's a big disappointment to me. Again, not sure a change of the legal outcome, but I don't know what to think. I mean, she's, she's long gone now. And God rest her soul. But that was kind of a big deal.

Bobby Schindler, Terri's brother stated, "Lynn Vincent's true crime podcast has finally exposed what my family has always known about Terri's alleged comments about wanting to die – Michael was lying. If you look at the history of Terri's case, along with the fact that it took eight years before Michael 'remembered' to share Terri's so-called wishes, Michael's contrived evidence and testimony defies logic."

Schindler continued, "Michael should have to explain and be exposed for intentionally fabricating Terri's wishes and lying to the court, because it was essentially based on his testimony that led the court to end Terri's life in a terribly abhorrent way - by starvation and dehydration."

You can listen to Lawless, a new true crime podcast investigating the Terri Schiavo case on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, WORLD Radio, or wherever you get your podcasts. Lawless is produced by World Radio, part of World News Group.

SOURCE: Bobby Schindler

CONTACT: Bobby Schindler, 813-766-6239, bschindler3@gmail.com