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FRC's Tony Perkins Publicly Accused of Lying Again, Urged to Resign

Contact: Gregg Jackson, 303-885-5875, gregg.jackson@gmail.com; David Jeffers, 850-565-0993, jeffers221@gmail.com 

MEDIA ADVISORY, Dec. 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- Prominent social conservative activist Tony Perkins has again been publicly accused by other social conservatives of lying to his donor base. 

Former Boston and Los Angeles radio host Gregg Jackson, the best-selling author of "Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies" along with David Jeffers, author of "Understanding Evangelicals" are warning the pro-life grassroots that Tony Perkins, of the Washington, D.C.- based Family Research Council (FRC) is once again lying to his donor base.

On Monday, Dec. 7, Perkins sent out an action alert urging voters to call their state's two U.S. Senators to vote for Senator Ben Nelson's amendment to the health care bill "which will ensure that abortion is not funded by government dollars."

"When I received Perkins' latest FRC e-mail I instantly realized that Perkins was perpetrating another egregious lie on his Christian donor base," Jeffers says.

On his blog, Jeffers points out that in fact the Nelson amendment included numerous gaping holes that allowed publicly funded abortion. 

The accusation comes after prolonged public and private outrage by many of Perkins' peers in social conservative ranks at what many say is some three years of shameless deception of Christian voters to cover up former Governor Mitt Romney's true far left wing record before he ran for President. 

Numerous legal authorities say Romney violated the Massachusetts Constitution in illegally imposing homosexual "marriage" under cover of the constitutionally impotent Goodridge court opinion and that Romney also deceived voters to cover his tracks after his administration pushed homosexual adoption, funded pro-homosexuality indoctrination in schools and refused to enforce a parents' rights law. Perkins' organization has received unusually large donations from sources tied to Romney.

"An honorable and honest man is always forthcoming with the truth," Jeffers told Perkins in an e-mail distributed to hundreds of pro-life leaders and activists around the country.

"Tony Perkins has again shown he has difficulty telling the truth," Jackson said. "No honest pro-life leader would claim that the Nelson amendment would have banned all federal funding for abortion."

"Millions of Americans with deep moral values are tired of being fleeced by the money driven organizations such as FRC that seem to be more interested in fundraising and securing a seat at the Republican table than they are in ending abortion or achieving their other stated objectives," said the two conservative Christian pundits.

"We are publicly calling on Tony Perkins to resign to save whatever remains of FRC's credibility after 3 years of relentless deception about Mitt Romney's record and a shameless 'pay-to-play' approach to soliciting donations from Republican candidates and power brokers," added Jackson and Jeffers.

Mr. Jackson is available for interviews at gregg.jackson@gmail.com or (303)885-5875.

Mr. Jeffers is available for interviews at jeffers221@gmail.com or (850)565-0993.