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Tennessee Sheriff Involved in Attempted Murder Cover Up and Theft of Church Property says Christian Citizens against Corruption

Contact: George Raudenbush, 423-761-9518; Daniel Morgan, 423-519-6540, tennccc@gmail.com; both with Christian Citizens against Corruption  

MONROE COUNTY, Tenn., July 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivins may be facing more than just his opponent for the office of Sheriff in the next few weeks.

In 2008, Sheriff Bivins had over 29 formal criminal charges brought against him by citizens. One charge for a falsified police report where under his direction as a city police chief he implied the Federal Bureau of Investigation was responsible for the abduction, torture and attempted murder of a local Christian missionary.

According to the victim, "Mr. Bivins conveniently used his position to cover up the failed plan to end my life, protecting all the individuals involved, including officers under his command, the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, and the contractor Leonard (Lenny) Ahearn from New York. In the process, Mr. Bivins influenced other public officials and members of the judiciary by providing false and misleading information to those officials in order to discredit my testimony, thus protecting the identities of my abductors and their accomplices. Their plans failed after I prayed out loud for my abductor. Jesus intervened and my abductors quickly walked away from my bloody, disfigured body as I lay there on the ground."

On June 08, 2010 Sheriff Bivins ordered the seizure of Church property, a 45 foot Semi tractor trailer used exclusively for youth habitat mission work under the direction of the victim. No notice or writ of execution was served on the Church before or during the seizure. Church officials and attorneys have contacted Sheriff Bivins with no response regarding the unlawful and illegal seizure. Law suits are likely to be filed in federal court over the next few weeks by the Church and its members if the property is not returned this week. Recently, Officer Kenny Hope, second in command to Sheriff Bill Bivins, was being investigated as a suspect in the murder of Monroe County Election Commission Chairman Jim Miller, who was executed mafia style, three bullets to the head and burned in his vehicle, sending a clear message to the citizens of Monroe County that elections are still under the control of public officials and not the citizens of Tennessee.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Department has a long history of misconduct with its officers, including reports and convictions of Sexual Battery on Minors and Children, Misconduct, Theft, Embezzlement, Police Brutality, and Obstruction of Justice among numerous other charges and convictions which would warrant at least a dozen future investigative news articles.

The first step in the progression toward persecution of persons is identification. The second is marginalization; the third, vilification; the fourth, criminalization; and finally, persecution. This was the tactic Germany used against the Jews, and it is now the same tactic being used by self serving public officials in Tennessee against the Christian church.

Every American citizen is endowed with an inherent right and responsibility to hold public officials accountable. 

For further information visit: www.tnccc.com.