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Jesusland not Jonesing for Romney
Bob Jones University Stumbling Block for Traditional Evangelicals

Contact: David Jeffers, 850-565-0993, jeffers221@bellsouth.net


MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bob Jones III, chancellor of the fundamentalist Christian university that bears his name, support of Gov. Mitt Romney is not going to play well the Evangelical vote, according to David Jeffers, author of Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland. "Chancellor Jones' statement that we are looking for a candidate 'who can best represent conservative American beliefs, not religious beliefs' immediately disqualifies Romney," Jeffers explains.

Chancellor Jones told The Greenville News yesterday, "This is all about beating Hillary... If it turns out to be Giuliani and Hillary, we've got two pro- choice candidates, and that would be a disaster." Jeffers believes the disaster would be Evangelicals backing an obvious political panderer, "Romney has already given contradictory views on abortion while on the campaign trail which is no surprise since he was against abortion before he was for abortion before he was against abortion."

See (Jesusland Not S'MITTen with Romney: http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/22293975.html)

Jeffers says Romney's changing positions on abortion are at best coincidental to his different campaigns and at worst political pandering. "Governor Romney's abortion flip-flop-flip almost makes John Kerry appear as a man of principle. If we as Evangelicals are to be taken seriously by the candidates, we must apply the same character standards to GOP candidates as we do Democratic candidates," says Jeffers.

Jeffers recommends that Jones go back and reread the tenets of Mormonism to see that much more is at stake than the White House. "As my pastor Dr. Dennis Brunet has often taught, we are not to do anyone harm; we do not vote against someone," explains Jeffers. Jesusland is tired of voting for the lesser of two evils; it is time to vote for a candidate with Christian principles. "Evangelicals won't choose the lesser of two evils. They won't choose evil period" cautions Jeffers.

David Jeffers is a lay preacher, retired Army Master Sergeant and author of Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Liberty University where he received his degree in Biblical Studies, Jeffers frequently comments on the Evangelical perspective of current affairs in the media. To interview Mr. Jeffers please contact him at jeffers221@bellsouth.net or by cell (850) 565-0993