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Colorful, Kid-Friendly, Catholic Saint Charms Hit the Market (Photos Available)

Contact: Joe Klinker, Tiny Saints, 919-536-9548, joeklinker@gmail.com 

BOSTON, Feb. 5, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Tiny Saints, a new company out of Boston, Mass., has announced the release of its first 20 colorful, weatherproof, and kid-friendly charms available at www.shoptinysaints.com.

The charms come in kits costing $7 each and have already attracted attention from blogs, Catholic television, and larger retailers. Marketed as more than just a necklace charm, Tiny Saints attach to shoes, zippers, bags, and keychains as well. Founder Joe Klinker believes the unique appeal bodes well for the company.

"We have to start at a pace that works for our small company," said Klinker. "But the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. From the price points to the creativity, parents and kids are excited to enjoy saint charms in a brand new way."

The company is starting one step at a time, said Klinker. Sales are currently processed only through the website, but that's expected to change soon.

"Since we are already fielding requests for wholesale puchases, our goal is to shift in that direction quickly," said Klinker.

Tiny Saints are being branded as "pretty much the coolest saint charms ever" by the company. But the motivation to sell the charms goes much deeper.

Klinker, a father of three and husband, is a full-time lieutenant in the Coast Guard who simply took an idea and ran with it.

"Our faith means the world to our family," said Klinker. "And fostering that faith in our kids means meeting them where they're at. That's why we created Tiny Saints. They fit right in with all of the other products our kids play with."

The charms are also designed to allow even the toughest dad to attach to his gym bag, or for a mom to hook to her purse.

The next collection of saints, 21 more in total, is scheduled to be released this spring.

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Tiny Saints founder, Joe Klinker at:



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