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Gutsy Mayor Exposes National 'Gay' Public Sex Scandal

CWA Calls on Local Law Enforcement to Crack-Down on Illegal and Widespread Public Health Problem -- Launches YouTube Support Video

Contact: Jennifer Fedor, Concerned Women for America, 202-488-7000 ext. 126


WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mayor Jim Naugle has been under rapid fire assault from homosexual activists and liberal media for asking people simply to obey the law and to be responsible and respectful to families and children.  Recently, Mayor Naugle exposed a popular "gay" community website that serves as an online directory which both encourages and facilitates illegal, public and anonymous "gay" sex.  The Mayor was particularly upset that this activity is taking place at two children's parks in Fort Lauderdale.   

Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues with Concerned Women for America (CWA), is both an attorney and former law enforcement officer who, in that capacity, has witnessed such behavior first-hand.  While addressing the growing problem, Barber said, "We strongly suggest that local law enforcement authorities across America use this 'cruising for sex' website to identify the locations where this immoral and disease-spreading behavior is taking place. 

"Such anonymous sexual liaisons create a public health problem and are reportedly occurring in public restrooms throughout communities across America in areas including, but not limited to, children's parks, Barnes and Noble book stores, Home Depot stores, Bally Total Fitness health clubs, airports and many other locations.  The website lists the locations referred to as "cruisy toilets" by the homosexual community.  Participants are invited to - and frequently do - comment on their sexual experiences at these locations.    

"Local law enforcement officials should consider how they might feel if their own children were to walk in on such activity while visiting a family park or other public area.  This whole matter is revealing of the mindset of the radical homosexual movement.  Members of the activist community in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere are actually coming out in defense of public "gay" sex.  The homosexual legal group, LAMBDA Legal calls such public sex a civil right in their "little black book," and encourages such behavior.  And a consortium of homosexual activist groups is calling on Mayor Naugle to resign or be censured for addressing the problem.  On the upside, this controversy is finally serving to expose the extreme radical homosexual activists," concluded Barber. 

CWA has launched a campaign in support of Mayor Naugle, including the introduction of a YouTube support video. 

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