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Iowa Voters Must Demand That Iowa Legislature Place Rock-Solid Marriage Amendment on Ballot to Override Judges' Homosexual 'Marriages'

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SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- Veteran man-woman marriage advocate Randy Thomasson, President of SaveCalifornia.com and SaveAmerica.com, issued the following statement in response to the Iowa Supreme Court inventing homosexual "marriages":

"This terrible ruling by activist judges should not change the expected outcome of the California Supreme Court, where a majority of the justices seem prepared to rule that the only marriages that could be entered into after Prop. 8 passed are marriages 'between a man and a woman.'"

"Unlike California, where the voters have decisively overridden the judges, Iowa voters have not yet amended their state constitution to reserve marriage rights for one man and one woman. Doing so would require voters to lobby the Iowa Legislature to pass a marriage amendment in two consecutive sessions before voters can finally approve it on the ballot."

"But I'm offering some friendly advice: Iowans should write a rock-solid marriage amendment, one that is much stronger than amendments in California, Oregon and Washington, which still allowed counterfeit marriages and immoral policies forcing insurance plans and private businesses to subsidize pseudo-marriages. Iowans should also take care to prevent the civil institution of marriage from being someday abolished, and must biologically define a man and a woman to ensure that the distinct, God-given genders of a husband and wife cannot be perverted. Now is the time for courage and foresight, not cowardice or ignorance."

Iowa State Constitution, Article X

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