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'We Expect this in Haiti or Russia not America - This Trial and Verdict are Disgusting' -- Randall Terry, Presidential Candidate

Randall Terry for President
May 30, 2024
WASHINGTON, May 30, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry and his running mate Pastor Stephen Broden express grief and solidarity with President Trump and his family. "This trial and verdict are disgusting."

Mr. Terry states:

    "The guilty verdicts for President Trump on all 34 counts comes as no surprise to anyone who has experienced judicial tyranny, or who has followed this kangaroo court proceeding.
    "Our hearts and prayers go out for President Trump and his family. This is a travesty one would expect in Haiti...or Russia...not America. This despicable judge, and the entire Democrat machine that brought about this disgusting travesty, are a malicious force that must be stamped out of American politics if we are to survive as a free republic."

Mr. Terry also said:

    "We can only hope that the voters who voted for Biden and his henchmen come to their senses, and refuse to vote for these despicable tyrants ever again."

Pastor Broden, Vice Presidential Candidate, and African American Pastor states:

    "This verdict is another testimony to the moral and political corruption that has permeated our culture. The Democrat Party is the source of this moral rot. That is why we have committed ourselves to defeating Biden, and destroying the Democrat Party. The African American community has a keen awareness of the 'two tier justice system' under which we suffer. My hope is that black voters - especially black men - will see through this verdict and join me in abandoning the Democrat Party."

Mr. Terry. and Pastor Broden are the nominees for President and Vice President for the Constitution Party.

The Constitution Party is the third largest Minor Party in America.

Go to www.Terry2024.com to learn more.

To schedule an interview with Mr. Terry or Pastor Broden, contact: jackie@truthpr.com

SOURCE Randall Terry for President