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Evangelical Leader Who Met Palin Says Her Family is None of Our Business

Obama Gets it Right on This One

Contact: Peggy Birchfield, National Clergy Council, 202-546-8329 ext 103, 202-236-0953

WASHINGTON, Sept. 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- President of the conservative National Clergy Council and Evangelical leader, the Reverend Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK), who met Sarah Palin when he was a VIP guest at her first appearance with John McCain in Dayton last week said today that her daughter's pregnancy is "none of our business," and commended Barack Obama for saying so.

"This is a private family matter. The Palins, especially their teenage daughter, are entitled to privacy on this matter. Anyone who cares about young people will back off and give this young woman the space she needs. Anyone who exploits her for political or commercial gain is disgraceful."

Mr. Schenck went on to commend Senator Barack Obama for saying families are "off limits" in the presidential campaign:

"Good for Senator Obama. He got it right big time on this one. That was a pro-family position to take. Good for him," Mr. Schenck said.

Mr. Schenck will be available to media during the Republican National Convention this week. For arrangements call Peggy Birchfield at 202-546-8329, ext 103 or mobile, 202-236-0953.