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Gen. Pace Should Not Apologize to Gays; Just Telling the Truth

Contact: Phil Magnan, Director, Biblical Family Advocates, 011-36-1-246-2587, phil@bfamilyadvocates.com


BUDAPEST, Hungary, Mar. 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- A homosexual advocacy group, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network is demanding an apology from Marine Gen. Peter Pace who said in a Chicago Tribune interview that homosexuality was like adultery. He also stated that "the military should not condone it by allowing gays to serve openly in the military."


But Phil Magnan of Biblical Family Advocates disagrees with them in saying, "If there is any apologizing that needs to be done, it's by homosexual advocates who have drawn millions of young people, including soldiers into a destructive, immoral and unhealthy lifestyle."


"The homosexual community has sold the public their licentious lifestyle in the name of tolerance and freedom when they should be seeking to be freed from it. Ask the person dying from HIV if it was worth having hundreds of partners or if some of the millions who are enslaved to it would like to be free of it. We will find that the Bible warns against homosexuality not only because of the coming judgment, but that God wants people to be free from their bondage of sin through the gospel of Christ. Legitimizing homosexuality and trying to condone it as being natural does harm to the person trying to be free from it and the society that should not be tolerating it."


BFA, Biblical Family Advocates also agrees with the General's statement that homosexuality is like adultery as well and applauds his candor to put his country's safety above being popular.


Magnan continued, "Any sexual relationship outside of a heterosexual marriage is a form of adultery, just as those who practice sex outside of marriage with those of the opposite sex. Even Jesus Christ condemned all unlawful sexual relations. There is not one condoned homosexual relationship in the entire Bible. Even though I can commend every soldier for putting their lives on the line for our country, they should put the effectiveness of their unit over their personal desires."