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CEO of Christian Clothing Company Issues Warning to Apparel Industry: 'Get Ready--Fashion Preference is About to Change'

Contact: Rick Wade, CEO, Second Coming Clothing Co., 888-261-5773



MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- The CEO of a Florida-based Christian internet clothing company has some strong words of caution for the fashion industry. Says Rick Wade, founder and CEO of Second Coming Clothing Co. to leaders of the high-fashion apparel market: “Don’t be too quick to bring your concepts for the spring fashions to the world! The fashions revealed through the drama that has played out over the last two weeks at the World Premier of Spring Fashions in New York and Madrid respectively, will never make it in the marketplace.”


Wade warns that God is about to change the world’s perspective of what is fashionable and moral. “Events will occur soon in this country and around the world that will severely curb our culture’s appetite for fashion driven clothes that the world experts determine are ‘in’ and ‘cool,’” he says. “Clothing that more adequately reflects a Godly nature will become sought after as God changes the hearts of His people through the cataclysmic nature of events that are about to unfold.”


Adds Wade, “We are seeing astounding events unfold before our eyes throughout the world, fulfilling scripture about the ‘end times’ described in the Bible as taking place just prior to the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Second Coming. God established His moral code. He is going to send strong messages through natural disasters and other catastrophic events to this country. They will draw our attention back to Him and remind us of His code of conduct, described in the Bible. Nothing that Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Tommy Hilfiger, Howard Stern, or the hundreds of other self-appointed spokesmen for society can say or do anything that can change God’s purpose.”


Wade emphasizes that it’s never too late for America – or any nation -- to repent and ask God to forgive its sins. “Repentance is the only thing that will stay God’s judgment of our society,” notes Wade.


Earlier this year Wade said that as the Ten Commandments and prayer have been removed from a place of prominence and honor in this country, America has suffered unprecedented moral decay. “With nearly every avenue of God’s Word being systematically removed, this country is in grave danger of being cut off from God’s blessings and grace,” Wade warned. “When that happens, we won’t be looking at an outside enemy threatening us. Every nation throughout history that has allowed such moral and spiritual decay has been eliminated from existence.”


Wade says that the American people must “immediately re-establish God as the centerpiece of our nation’s moral fabric and return to a lifestyle that will promote traditional family values. We must also start recognizing and giving thanks to God for all that He has blessed this wonderful nation with. Time is short and our deterioration to the status of a Third World nation is a real possibility. Things like fashion, sports, celebrity gossip and video games are not going to matter when people can’t find food to put on their table. With the diversions and luxuries taken away, there will be little to choose from. We will then choose to either love God or hate Him.”


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