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Faith Based Supernatural Drama Teaser Release

Contact: Salvatore A. Bono, 480-262-1453, info@TheSkysTheLimitProductions.com


PHOENIX, June 18, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Sky's The Limit Productions, LLC announces the release of its recently completed "Teaser" of the screenplay, The Five-Day Crucifixion. The "Teaser" was co-produced with Quicksilver Consortium, the production arm of ShowBiz AZ, and has been released on YouTube at youtu.be/s7xN6HFbpkY.


A Faith Based Supernatural Drama written by Writer/Producer, Salvatore A. Bono, is The Sky's The Limit Productions initial project, with pre-production activities currently underway.


"Second guessing a second chance, will second the failure" is the production's tagline. The story explores the protagonist's (John Santo) commitment to his faith in God when Satan relentlessly tempts him with the love of a beautiful woman. John's convictions are tested when he's forced to choose between saving his daughter's life in exchange for selling his soul to the Devil.


The Sky's The Limit Productions website posts "about the movie" background information, and project status updates. Those interested in following the project's developmental and production activities are given an opportunity to follow the production's progress.


The story explores levels of perseverance and forgiveness that are pushed to their boundaries by the protagonist's spiritual resurrection with Jesus Christ, along with his relentless torment from Satan. "This is a journey that many people can relate to," says Bono. "I'm very confident that audiences will be touched, and equally entertained by this movie when it's made."


Interview Contact: Salvatore A. Bono

Telephone: (480) 262-1453