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Black ProLife Leaders to Congress: Thank You!

Contact: Catherine Davis, National Black ProLife Coalition, 888-619-6272


ATLANTA, Feb. 21, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- The National Black ProLife Coalition applauds the leadership of Representative Mike Pence and the House of Representatives for their votes to defund Planned Parenthood--the nation's largest abortion provider. This step is a major milestone in slowing down the unfettered access Planned Parenthood has had to communities of color.


The NBPC also recognizes and applauds the courage of Congressman Paul Broun for championing the cause of black women, the group most targeted by Planned Parenthood and its allies. "Under the guise of family planning, black babies have been aborted at 5x the rate of whites, yet Planned Parenthood clamors for more, wanting taxpayer dollars to continue funding their genocidal agenda", said Arnold Culbreath of Protecting Black Life. "As they rush to turn 100% of their clinics into abortion mills and build larger facilities in urban areas where blacks reside, it is clear they are carrying out their founder's Negro Project, designed to control black births."


"I am outraged by the Black Congressional Caucus' failure to carry this issue through the corridors of the Congress", said Catherine Davis of the Network of Politically Active Christians. All across America the number of abortions performed on black women is nearly 3 times their representation in the population. "Shame on Gwen Moore for declaring a baby is better off dead than eating Ramen noodles. Dead children cannot help the black family grow and thrive," Davis said.


Weary of Planned Parenthood's guise of providing reproductive aid to the poor and blacks, Walter Hoye of the Issues4Life Foundation said. "Let's be clear. Funding Planned Parenthood with U.S. taxpayer dollars is equivalent to justifying the use of tax dollars to help the Ku Klux Klan buy rope so they can secure their victims in the backs of their wagons."


Alveda King, founder of King for America and Pastoral Associate for Priests for Life agreed. "Abortion groups across the nation have billed themselves as champions of women's rights. Yet these same advocates repeatedly fail to warn women about clinics that maim and harm such as was found in Gosnell's 'house of horrors' in Philadelphia. Planned Parenthood clinics are willing to counsel 'pimps and sex traffickers' on how to avoid state laws. Friday's House vote ensures our hard-earned tax dollars will not continue funding the abortion industry's flagrant disregard for the safety of women and children."