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Remove Restrictions on Our Troops

Contact:  Don Swarthout, President, Christians Reviving America’s Values, (CRAVE), 859-219-1222 or 859-619-2811

WASHINGTON, Jan. 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- Most people in America were shocked to learn there has been a long list of restrictions placed upon our troops fighting in Iraq.  We have apparently been fighting the war on terror with one hand tied behind our backs.

President Bush admitted that in his January 10th speech to the nation, but the mainstream media did not give much coverage to that portion of his speech. 

We have since found out that our soldiers were required to go through a “seven step mental checklist” before they could pull their triggers against the insurgents in Iraq.  Additionally, American troops were not allowed to go into certain areas (including Mosques) in Iraq.

Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America’s Values (CRAVE) asked, “How foolish can we be? I was amazed to learn about these restrictions on our troops. It is time for America to fight this war to win.”

Part of America’s winning strategy in the war on terror should be to increase the size of our military.  Anti-war critics will claim that this is impossible, but they are wrong. 

In the Reagan years America had more than 2.1 million troops deployed—and that was an all volunteer force as well.  With an even larger population today, the United States could easily restore our military forces to 2.1 million or more, up from the current level of 1.4 million.  This is what will be required to fight and win the war on terror.

Swarthout said, “Radical Islam has become a formidable force and it is time for us to fight to win.  World War III is already here and we must come to that realization.”

“CRAVE is calling on Congress to authorize funding necessary to increase the size of the military to at least 2.1 million in order to win the war on terror.  We have been called to Sound the Trumpet and warn the citizens of the United States and that is exactly what we are doing,” Swarthout concluded.