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Why are Christians Following a Cult Member Named Glenn Beck?

Contact: Bill Keller, 727-420-7005, bkeller@liveprayer.com

ST PETERSBURG, Fla., Dec. 12, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of LivePrayer.com, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading the daily devotional he has written every morning for 12 years on the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview, is warning Christians that entertainer Glenn Beck is Satan, "masquerading as an angel of light," and using Christians to further his agenda and advance the satanically inspired cult he belongs to.

Five years ago before most people even knew who Glenn Beck was, Keller was publicly warning people that this proud member of the Mormon cult had an agenda rooted in the false beliefs of his cult, and was using mostly Christians that he attracted through his conservative political beliefs and by tapping into the tea party movement to carry that agenda out. Keller stated, "Beck has finally exposed his true motivations with the unveiling of his 'charity' and latest money-making scheme at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas next July. That is to make hundreds of millions of dollars personally while helping to advance the cause of his cult that is leading the eternal souls of men to hell through their heretical beliefs."

Keller said, "To understand Beck you have to understand what he and those in his cult believe, beliefs that are 100% inconsistent with Biblical Christianity. The Mormon cult teaches a works-based salvation, that they are a lost tribe of Israel explaining why Beck and Mormons have such an affinity for Israel, and the 'white horse prophecy' of their cult's historically documented murdering, racist, polygamist, and pedophile founder Joseph Smith who prophesied that the United States will face tremendous financial and social upheaval and a Mormon will be elected President (Smith once ran for President as did Mitt Romney's father) who will suspend the US Constitution and enact a Mormon theocracy."

"These beliefs that Beck clearly embraces as do all those in his cult, fully explain his apocalyptic teachings. Beck views himself as a modern day Paul Revere or Moses guided by God. Actually, Beck is being guided by Satan while making tens of millions annually, mostly from gullible Christians, scaring people into buying gold, safes, and food insurance, and now asking them to donate to his new charity." Keller stated.

Keller has been critical of high-profile Christian leaders who Beck has bought off to give him credibility with true Biblical Christians. Men like Wallbuilder's David Barton, Christian TV pastor John Hagee, and a host of pastors and others who Keller claims "have sold out the faith like Judas to give this cult member credibility within the Christian community." Keller went on, "Beck has been very clever to find Christians he can buy off by promoting their books and ministries on his radio and TV programs enabling them to make money from his audience. In exchange, they help Beck further his lie that he is a Christian, when based on the teachings of the Mormon cult, a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is."

"Beck and all Mormons believe their 'god' was once a man, and that they too can become a god when they die. Their 'jesus' is not the Jesus of the Bible, but a created being who is the brother of Lucifer who they claim came to the United States and say will return to Independence, Missouri, all in total contradiction to what the Bible teaches," Keller said. He goes on, "Beck says, 'the truth lives here,' when in fact he lies every time he calls himself a Christian. He understands that the vast majority of the last two generations have never been to church and most of those who do attend are largely Biblically illiterate and don't really know what he and those in his cult truly believe about who they call God and Jesus."

On numerous occasions Keller has asked Christians who support Beck to publicly debate him on why they support a man whose cult is leading souls to hell He has also challenged Beck to debate him in any forum about his spiritual beliefs. "People like Barton, Hagee, James Robison and others will never allow themselves to be held accountable for their support of Beck since they know their support is about one thing, MONEY. As for Beck, like the real founder of his cult, Satan, he is nothing but a gutless coward. He is a very intelligent man who knows exactly what his cult believes. It is easy for him to simply dismiss someone like myself as a 'hater' or 'bigot,' rather than answer questions that would expose his heretical beliefs and destroy his multi-million dollar business."

Keller claims, "The Bible says that in the last days even the very elect will be deceived. Beck is a great case study of that passage. Sadly, the most Christian leaders of this generation have failed to lead, worrying more about building their own Kingdom than God's, leaving a huge void for wolves of Satan like Beck to easily fill, a man skilled at speaking 'Christianese' and quoting from the Bible which he and those in his cult teach is a flawed and imperfect book, NOT the inspired, inerrant Word of God and representing Absolute Truth which Biblical Christians know it to be."

In recently exposing his true motives to be a spiritual leader, even though to keep his scheme alive he can't directly advocate the beliefs of his cult, Beck tells his followers that it doesn't matter what church they go to, or what they choose to believe. Instead, Beck encourages them to do good works. Keller rails, "It DOES matter what you believe and that you go to a church that teaches the Bible as God's only revelation since the eternal souls of men are at stake! The Bible clearly states that man can't saved by good works but by faith in the Jesus of the Bible alone!"

Keller concludes, "There is only one answer for this nation, the nation's of the world, and each person, and that is faith in the Jesus of the Bible. The efforts of Beck will succeed in continuing to make him tens of millions of dollars each year that he brags about tithing to his cult which is leading souls to hell with their false beliefs. However the lives of men and the spiritual course of this nation can only be permanently changed by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit through faith in the Jesus of the Bible." Keller reminds Christians that the Bible asks, " 'what fellowship does the light have with darkness?' The answer is NONE!"

Contact: Bill Keller, bkeller@liveprayer.com, 727-420-7005

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