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Outrageous No on 8 Commercial Sinks to New Lows, Utterly Condemned for Religious Bigotry and Intolerance

Protect Marriage/Yes on 8 Campaign Demands No on 8 Campaign Call on Television Stations to Refuse to air "Courage Campaign" Television Commercial.

Contact: Chip White, ProtectMarriage.com, 916-251-4392

CALIFORNIA, November 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- The ProtectMarriage.com- Yes on 8 campaign today condemned as "bigoted and intolerant" a new 'No on Proposition 8' television commercial scheduled to run on TV stations tomorrow and demanded that No on 8 campaign leaders, including US Senator Dianne Feinstein, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and California Schools Superintendent Jack O'Connell publicly denounce the ad and urge television stations to refuse to run it.

The ad, produced by a group called 'Courage Campaign Issues Committee' and viewable here, depicts supposed missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints conducting a home invasion of a lesbian couple's home to steal their wedding rings and rip up their marriage license.

"This ad reaches new lows of religious bigotry and intolerance," said Yes on 8 Chairman Ron Prentice. "We hope that the leadership of the No on 8 campaign - including Senator Feinstein, Mayor Newsom and Superintendent O'Connell -- as well as all Californians regardless of their position on Proposition 8, will not only condemn the ad but join us in asking television stations to refuse to air it. After all, the No on 8 campaign has been running their own television commercials saying we must all oppose discrimination and intolerance whenever we see it. The bigotry this ad shows to members of the LDS church demands action now."

Echoing Prentice's call, Yes on 8 Campaign Manager Frank Schubert tonight emailed Steve Smith, Campaign Manager for the No on Proposition 8 Campaign the following request:

"Steve - Below find a link to a deplorable No on 8 television commercial hitting the airwaves tomorrow. This commercial depicts faux Mormon Missionaries invading the home of a lesbian couple, ransacking the house in search of the couple's marriage license, taking the couple's wedding rings, etc. This is a blatant display of religious bigotry that has no place in political discourse. We urge Equality for All, Senator Feinstein, Superintendent O'Connell and the No on 8 Campaign to immediately denounce this commercial and join us in urging television stations to refuse to air it. After all, we must always oppose discrimination and intolerance whenever we see it.

"Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter."

Separately, an interfaith coalition of religious leaders representing many faiths will be releasing a statement condemning the ad. That statement will be available shortly.