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On Day of California Supreme Court Ruling for Proposition 8, the Marriage Initiative, California Pastor Urges Standing Bold While Forming Relationships with Those Opposed to Biblical Values
Contact: Mary Kuper, 619-972-2221, mkuper@prodigy.net
SAN DIEGO, May 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today, the day of the California Supreme Court Proposition 8 ruling (10am PDT), San Diego pastor Dr. Jim Garlow, one of the visible warriors in the battle for traditional, natural marriage in California, is calling for a "two-pronged strategy." He stated, "As pastors, we must unabashedly stand for life and for marriage, even if those two causes are not as hip as they once were. Our goal is not to be chic, but biblical."

At the same time, Dr. Garlow strongly urges forming friendships with those who oppose biblical truths regarding marriage and life. During the heat of the Prop 8 battle, Garlow reached out hundreds of times to persons who advocated same sex "marriage," in a desire for civil discourse and meaningful relationships.

While in Washington, DC recently, Garlow spent time -- his second such meeting -- with the nation's top leader, funder and proponent of same sex "marriage" with the desire of establishing a friendship, which Garlow hopes will open the door to ministry.

Although Garlow led one of San Diego's largest prolife rallies a week ago and views abortion as a barbaric act, he has reached out and met with the spokesman for Planned Parenthood. "While not compromising biblical values, nor backing down on the issues, I am trying to do what I think Jesus would do -- be with them, and look for the possibility of ministry," says Garlow.

"Many pastors are afraid that if they advocate a biblical stance on controversial social issues, it will alienate the very people they want to reach. That is a valid concern. Consequently they are tempted to become silent on these 'uncool' issues. However, our pulpits should unabashedly overflow with biblical truth -- if we are worth anything -- while at the same time deliberately investing in relationships with those who embrace unbiblical views regarding regarding marriage and life, because God truly does love them and Christ died for them," Garlow insists.

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