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Supreme Court Denies Counsel to Man Wrongfully Convicted
Contact: Sharon Rondeau, 203-987-7948, www.thepostemail.com;
George Raudenbush, 865-228-9170, www.standfast4truth.org
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 7, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- On December 30, 2010 Christian Missionary George Raudenbush was pulled over by Tellico Plains Police Officer Brian Millsaps, Mr. Raudenbush was brutally beaten as retaliation for filing complaints about public corruption barely escaping with his life that night.
At a pretrial hearing Mr. Raudenbush respectfully requested the court to appoint counsel to represent him on the false charges brought by Millsaps, instead Judge Carroll Ross ordered Mr. Raudenbush to be detained and held until trial without counsel or bond. Three days later, Mr. Raudenbush was brought to trial in an electronic shock jacket, ordered to represent himself and was convicted.
His convictions were over turned by the Knoxville Court of Appeals and remanded back to the trial court for a sham retrial where Mr. Raudenbush's court appointed attorney was denied sufficient time to adequately prepare the case. Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood prohibited the jury from hearing the two 911 calls made by Mr. Raudenbush asking for help. Jury - tampering involving the jury foreman and Millsaps was directly observed by wittiness in gaining an unlawful conviction to cover up the failed attempt to murder Mr. Raudenbush.
Gerald L. Gulley was appointed to represent Mr. Raudenbush in his appeal; however, he disregarded Judge Woodall and his client's instructions and refused to remove himself from the case, losing the appeal. Obstructing Justice to conceal the criminal actions of another is a federal offense punishable under law.
By order of the Tennessee Supreme Court the court has again forced Mr. Raudenbush to represent himself. Mr. Raudenbush has served a four-year prison sentence for a crime he did not commit according to the Prima Facie Evidence and witness testimony in the court transcripts. During his prison sentence three attempts were made on his life in which he became disabled. During that time, Mr. Raudenbush assisted many men in studying for the GED test. He intervened, placing his own life in danger, to save the life of a correctional officer who was knocked unconscious in an organized gang attempt to kill the officer.
Mr. Raudenbush 53, has worked extensively with law enforcement and the military over the past 40 years and has the utmost respect for officers of integrity who take an oath to serve and protect its citizens. He has been working in youth leadership since the age of 15 and has served as the National Missions Coordinator for Appalachian Youth Missions in Tennessee since 1999. He is currently working to establish a residential program and solutions for orphaned youth aging out of the Tennessee State system having no place to go.
For the past 9 years, The Post & Email has reported extensively on public corruption within Tennessee's Tenth Judicial District where Mr. Raudenbush was arrested, tried without representation, and sentenced to prison unconstitutionally. A Go fund Me account has been set up to assist Mr. Raudenbush at: www.gofundme.com/2m92ezw