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Team of 12 Christians to Work on Car That Runs on Water (HHO)

Contact: Brad Morehouse, 541-280-9503

MEDIA ADVISORY, May 28, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- There are about 3 solid cases where an inventor has created a truck or car that ran 100% on water but the inventor fell off the face of the earth. The great pioneer Stan Meyers, who on his HHO car painted "Jesus Christ is Lord", was murdered according to family and friends. He had completely proven that his car could run on 100% water in 1983 and yet we do not see any of his work on the road today. The other two inventors silently went off the grid. Without a doubt "Big Oil" and the government is behind this. 

Could you imagine the majority of all the gas stations disappearing? Or all the giant oil refineries closing down? Gas Tax ? Will jobs will be lost? Yes and no. First of all, America will eventually stop buying Middle East oil and yes, jobs will be created. Just think HHO Mechanics Repair or Installations on top of millions of units being produced. Talk about Green as HHO is 100% emissions free.

In line with all these oil vs. hydrogen controversies, a team of Christian men formed what they call the "HHO Dream Team." When asked if they fear for their lives just like the former inventors, they all said "Absolutely not!", as they have already spread out their secrets to 63 private individuals to where it will become an open source to anyone who wants to build or sell HHO systems. The Open Source will be open publicly via video tutorials over the internet on September 15th 2011.

Mr. Morehouse, one of the members of the HHO Dream Team claims "Big oil days are numbered." The HHO Dream Team has stumbled onto a combination of key factors on how to 100% run a car on water. They will be starting this June on a prototype that will easily fit on new or used vehicles for under $800.00. The team plans on completing the prototype by September 15th, 2011.

The HHO dream Team is currently looking for 2 more team members. Visit HydrogenLLC.com or HhoAutomotive.com for details including the top 10 videos of inventors such as Stan Meyers.

NOTE: The HHO Dream Team has no intentions or plans of selling any HHO products but only to provide free information to the world with an alternative to fossil fuel. The Team wants to see thousands of business sprout up with the Open Source HHO technology.