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Pastor and Author Explores Origins of Homosexuality

Contact: David McGrinn, 407-479-8347, David@BoldWords.org 

LAKE MARY, Fla., Dec. 4, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- When President Barack Obama came out in favor of same-sex marriage, gay activists applauded, and evangelical leaders expressed their dismay. Since then, more politicians, celebrities and even businesspeople have weighed in with their views on homosexuality.

Regardless of whether or not he agrees with their opinions, Orlando evangelist and author David McGrinn doesn't think they're helping, as the divide between evangelicals and homosexuals grows with each heated salvo.

"Until all sides of the homosexuality debate piece together biblical, scientific, and psychological truths all parties sit in presumptuous darkness," McGrinn contends.

He'd heard the hell-fire and brimstone sermons from angry, self-righteous preachers, and he'd studied the psychologists' interpretations of same-sex attraction, genetics and biology. But when McGrinn, an infantry Marine with a degree in psychology, began discussing the origins of homosexuality with his gay friends, researching Scripture and examining the claims of modern psychology, he realized that neither side of the debate was getting it right.

"The church makes an attempt to answer questions about whether homosexuality is natural or a sin, but it uses religious rhetoric that few understand," McGrinn observes. "Meanwhile, parents, close friends, and siblings wonder why their loved ones are gay in the first place."

McGrinn explored scientific findings that attempted to identify genetic causes of homosexuality, but found the evidence lacking. What he did discover in his research is the Bible and science do not contradict each other when it comes to sexual predispositions.

"Science and scripture agree on one thing," McGrinn argues. "Homosexuals are born predisposed to their sexuality."

Conversations with his gay friends confirmed his newfound understanding: When it came to interpreting the evidence, the church -- and modern psychology -- were both missing the point.

In his new book, God, Why Was I Born Gay? McGrinn points culture warriors on the left and the right back to Scripture and the uncomfortable things it has to say about everyone -- whether they identify themselves as gay, straight, bisexual or transgender.

Available in paperback, Kindle, iBooks and Nook, God, Why Was I Born Gay? is a book for anyone tired of the religious rhetoric that offers no hope for the homosexual -- as well as the postmodern suggestion that one's sexual orientation is of no eternal consequence. For more information, visit www.BoldWords.org, contact David McGrinn at David@BoldWords.org or call 407-479-8347.