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World's Leading Internet Evangelist Issues a $10,000 'Bounty' on MSNBC's Al Sharpton in Trayvon Martin Tragedy

Contact: Rev. Bill Keller, LivePrayer.com, 727-420-7005

ST PETERSBURG, Fla., March 27, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Rev. Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of LivePrayer.com, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading the daily devotional he has written every morning for 13 years on the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview, has issued a $10,000 "bounty" on MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton.

Unlike the "bounty" issued by the New Black Panthers for the head of George Zimmerman who was involved in the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, the "bounty" Rev. Keller is offering is for Sharpton to debate him for one hour on his MSNBC program about race relations in this nation.

Keller, who is often in the national media speaking on the issues of the day from a Christian worldview, is appalled that Sharpton, those on MSNBC, CNN, Current and on the major networks, have used this tragedy to irresponsibly gin up racial tensions and advance a specific political agenda. As more facts are now emerging from eyewitnesses, it appears to not have been the racial incident the media has been reporting it to be. Keller states, "In the end it will be the judicial system which will determine the facts and what if any crime was committed."

Keller went on, "The real story that nobody cares to report is the fact that at the core, this is a spiritual issue. We have turned from God and Biblical Truth to embrace the lies of this world. Marriage has been perverted and is no longer a respected holy institution of God. The breakdown of the family, the glue that holds our society together, is largely responsible for much of the social ills we currently face in this nation. This turning away from God and His Truth has had a profound affect on everyone no matter what color your skin is."

Keller added, "Dividing people, due to whatever differences there may be, has been around from the very beginning of time and is one of Satan's most powerful weapons. Racism is a lie from Satan. There is no white race, black race, yellow race, brown race...there is only one race...THE HUMAN RACE!!!

He concluded, "Every time there is any story that involves a person of color, you have opportunists and serial race baiters like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson interjecting themselves. They have spent their lives exploiting race for their own gain and instead of being held accountable, they get prominent commentary roles on networks like CNN and MSNBC. Sharpton is a coward and I am offering him $10,000 to have me on exclusively for an hour on his MSNBC program to debate race in this nation. If he can support by his silence a $10,000 bounty for the head of George Zimmerman, he should be happy to accept $10,000 to debate the issue he is supposed to be an expert on."

About Live Prayer: In 1999 Bill Keller launched LivePrayer.com. It has gone on to become the most successful online Christian ministry in the history of the internet. Each morning, Bill Keller's Daily Devotional that he has written every morning for over 12 years is emailed to over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide. Information on Liveprayer is available at www.LivePrayer.com.