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One of Father Norman Weslin's Attorneys Pays Him Tribute for the Battles He Fought

Thomas More Society Defended Him and Others Arrested in May, 2009 at Notre Dame

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CHICAGO, May 17, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Long time pro-life activist leader, Fr. Norman Weslin, died Wednesday evening at the Cherry Hill Haven retirement home in Traverse City, Michigan, owned and operated by Patti, wife of Tom Dixon, who had served as lead attorney for Fr. Weslin and the other so-called "ND88" -- peaceable demonstrators who were arrested and jailed three years ago this month when they dared to step onto the campus of Notre Dame University, to protest against the commencement honors bestowed on pro-abortion President Barack Obama. Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Chicago-based Thomas More Society, which assisted in Dixon's defense of the ND88, shared these thoughts:

"Father Weslin was a saintly priest, and as good and honorable a man who ever walked on American soil. While undoubtedly he will be greatly missed, his inspiration and example -- defending life with such selfless, intensive vigor and passion -- will abide in memory and live on in the hearts of pro-lifers for generations. Rest in peace Father, knowing that your light will continue to burn as the brightest star."

Father Weslin was imprisoned more than 70 times for peaceable, non-violent protests outside abortion clinics all over the United States. Many thousands of Catholics and other Christians and pro-lifers were deeply moved by one of his more recent and famous arrests when, carrying a large wooden cross, he was stopped and taken into custody at Notre Dame, while inquiring of his captors, "Why would you arrest a Catholic priest at a Catholic University for trying to stop the killing of a baby?" Then Father collapsed while singing the traditional May crowning hymn, "Immaculate Mary, your praises we sing ... our hearts are on fire."

The Thomas More Society intervened to hire the heroic Indiana lawyer, Tom Dixon, who had volunteered to represent all those jailed. Charges against Fr. Weslin and the others were all dismissed last year. A video of Father's arrest can be seen here.

"In memory of Father Weslin, we will continue to fight for the sanctity of life and the free, robust exercise of religious faith, two values for which he fought hard," added Brejcha.

Father Weslin epitomized the virtues of courage and wisdom, and he was perhaps somewhat ahead of his time, as just weeks ago the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops called for Catholics across the country to engage, if need be, in peaceful acts of civil disobedience in protest against the Obama Administration's "HHS Health Care mandate" -- using the same non-violent tactics that Fr. Weslin had practiced for decades.

Father Weslin and his wife Mary, who had been killed in an automobile accident before Father became a priest, are survived by two adopted children.

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