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Seven Skills to Achieve the Life You Desire

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Mike is the main character in The Rest of Health, a new work of creative non-fiction by authors David and Sonya Cameron. The Rest of Health brings readers along as Mike confronts both the areas of conflict and the neglected facets of his life. Along the way, he discovers that true health is not something that can be achieved by simply producing the right numbers. Mike's journey to total health and wellness incorporates seven steps, including transforming your thinking and cultivating your spiritual life.

The Camerons have been working in the healthcare/mental health field for over a decade, and both have chosen career paths that involve a cross-section of the general public. David has served as a family practice physician in a community health clinic for 10 years. Sonya has over 12 years of experience in community mental health and private practice doing marriage and family counseling.

"In both of our practices, we constantly see people who view health too narrowly. Many people think of health as dropping pounds, lowering blood pressure, etc. These are all good, healthy things, but when the underlying motive is simply to look better physically, that is evidence that a patient doesn't really understand the meaning of 'health.' After working with so many patients, we have seen that before a patient can make lasting changes in any area of life--and this includes physical health--they must take a step back and look at the bigger picture of their life."

The non-fiction information for the book was taken from the Camerons' popular seven-week course on health and wellness and is backed by careful research. The fiction element makes that life-changing information intriguing to readers, especially men, who are statistically less likely to pick up a non-fiction book than women are.

As readers observe Mike's relationships within the many spheres of his life--work, home, friendships, church--they will see that true health and wellness affects every facet of our being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Poor choices in one area can harm our well-being in the others. For example, Mike's habit of covering for an incompetent co-worker (failing to establish a healthy boundary) drains his enthusiasm and forces him to work longer hours. This negatively affects his relationship with his wife, and it leaves little time for exercise or recreation.