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$5,000 Cash to Help Ohio Ban Abortion

Contact: Dr. Patrick Johnston, Personhood Ohio, 740-973-7458

DRESDEN, Ohio, Nov. 15, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- "$5,000 cash will be given away to a lucky pro-lifer on December 15th."

So reads an Email from Personhood Ohio, who is gathering signatures to get their Ohio Personhood Amendment on the ballot. This Amendment states that life begins at "fertilization, or the beginning of biological development," and it makes no exceptions for children conceived in rape or incest. If it passed by a simple majority vote, it would protect every preborn Ohioan's right to life under Ohio law. It is a frontal assault on Roe v. Wade.

For every 25 signatures someone sends Personhood Ohio on their petition, and for every $25 dollars donated either through mailing a check or donating online, the pro-lifer gets one chance to win the $5,000 giveaway. (For example, sending 25 signatures and $100 would you five chances to win $5,000.)

The director of Personhood Ohio is Patrick Johnston, an Ohio family physician who minces no words. "Ohio alone slaughters 25 thousand children every single year -- each one with a beating heart and measurable brain waves." Dr. Johnston believes that it is each state government's duty to protect preborn children in that state, even if they must defy judicial tyranny in doing so. He says, "With the election of President Obama, conservatives fret about the collapse of the dollar, higher taxes, the increase in the size government, Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration, and the loss of constitutional liberties, but we must remember that God -- not Obama -- is the greatest threat to American liberty and prosperity. That is because God judges nations and people who shed innocent blood."

What if the Ohio Personhood Amendment passes and the Supreme Court overturns it? Dr. Johnston responds, "Ohio would have no obligation to comply, but a duty to resist any attempt to slaughter innocent babies in Ohio. The federal government's power is limited, by the Constitution and by the Creator. According to the U.S. Constitution, particularly Article X of the Bill of Rights, and according to Scripture, it is the God-delegated duty of civil authorities to protect the innocent through justice within their lawful jurisdiction."

Dr. Johnston has authored a Trilogy which envisions godly leadership in some states banning abortion (among other things) and seceding from the Union. In commenting on the popular attempts in dozens of states to peacefully secede from the Union, Dr. Johnston comments, "If we want freedom for our children, secession and independence is not the answer. Republican Party politics is not the answer; the GOP is perfectly comfortable running candidates who fund Planned Parenthood and justify killing some children by abortion. If we want freedom for posterity, states must stop the Holocaust of children within their borders. Then if the federal judiciary tried to prevent states from banning abortion, states would have God's blessing in secession."

For more information, or to donate or print out a petition to gather signatures, go to Personhood Ohio's website: www.PersonhoodOhio.com.  
To schedule an interview, contact:
Dr. Patrick Johnston
Personhood Ohio
PO Box 126
Dresden, OH 43821

You may Email Dr. Johnston through www.personhoodohio.com/contact

You may learn more about Dr. Johnston's Trilogy, the first novel being The Revolt of 2020, through his website www.TheRevoltTrilogy.com.