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Marriage Story Talking Points

Contact: Micah Clark, American Family Association of Indiana, 317-257-7221

INDIANAPOLIS, May 10, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- There have been several national and local news stories in the last 24 hours on the issue of marriage, its future, and its importance in American society.

The following are statements for media use on each development from Micah Clark, Executive Director of the American Family Association of Indiana.


North Carolina Amendment One Results

"Many commentators are spinning the vote in North Carolina as some sort of mean spirited or hateful thing. In reality it was a vote to preserve the institution of marriage for the primary purpose of giving the next generation of children their best chance at having both a mother and a father.

"American pop culture is more accepting of homosexuality (and a whole host of other proclivities) than ever before in our history. Homosexuals can live as they choose, but they don't have the right to redefine marriage for everyone else. The Marriage Amendment vote in North Carolina was not about banning something. It was about the future of marriage and preventing the coercion and compulsion of every citizen, school, business, charity and institution to recognize and affirm same-sex relationships as marriages."


The ACLU of Indiana's Marriage Lawsuit

"The filing of a lawsuit by the ACLU of Indiana yesterday calling our marriage laws unconstitutional is an example of why this issue should go to the people in 2014.

"The ACLU is arguing on behalf of a group of secularists who claim they do not have an avenue to solemnize marriages. Under IC 31-11-6-1 there are various secular options for marriage ceremonies including county clerks, judges, mayors and other secular officials.

"This lawsuit is a public policy matter for the legislature to decide, not judges. Other bills have looked at adding others who can solemnize marriage. In 2011, SB 2 looked at granting this authority to the Governor and Lt. Governor. If the Center for Inquiry wants on that list, they need a bill in the legislature. The legislature can then decide if opening the door to anyone to perform a wedding trivializes marriage.

"This incident should remind Hoosiers that the opponents of traditional marriage want to change our marriage laws through the fall of a gavel rather than through a vote of the people or our elected representatives.

"Hoosiers deserve the opportunity to vote to protect marriage just as North Carolina and thirty other states have done."


President Obama's Public Support of Same-Sex Marriage

"President Obama has finally been publicly honest and consistent in his position on marriage with his efforts to unravel marriage behind the scenes.

"The President has finally said that marriage, the bringing together of not just any two people but the two sexes, for a unique and socially important institution is not worth preserving for the next generation.

"Those who do not want to be forced to embrace the lifestyle decisions of those involved in homosexuality now know that the President will not protect their rights of conscience or religious freedom.

"Those who understand that there is no substitute for marriage, that both men and women matter to a family and to a strong society, will have a clear choice this November."