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From Newtown to a Renewed Nation: Choose Love and Life with a 'Choose Life' Tag

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Rex, The Children First Foundation, 914-965-2734

NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- On December 14, the first anniversary of the devastating Newtown tragedy, millions of men, women and children all across our nation will be pondering deep in their hearts on how best to respond to Newtown's own heartfelt call to "public service" and to "performing acts of kindness" or "volunteering at a local charity" as a way to remember the precious lives of the 20 children who were lost that tragic day, as well to honor the 6 adults who heroically tried to save them at the cost of their very lives.

A few days after the tragedy, as President of The Children First Foundation, I was deeply moved to discover that 6 residents of Newtown and Sandy Hook had recently renewed their Connecticut "Choose Life" License Plates that feature a child's drawing of two smiling children with the sun shining through their faces as well as a child's handwritten message to "Choose Life." It was so moving. It was so providential.

These six "Choose Life" license plates were there a year ago, in the midst of this unspeakable sorrow; and they are still there today, inspiring and encouraging everyone to promote and support a "Culture of Life" that defends and protects innocent unborn and newborn children by promoting the loving choice of adoption and by funding our nation's pregnancy centers and maternity homes. May we be moved by those 6 heroes in Newtown who died trying to save defenseless children, to "choose love" and to courageously "choose life" in order to renew our Nation as it was originally founded to be.

"Be seen. Be heard. Be a Hero." On this one-year anniversary, please help put "children first" in every state by ordering a "Choose Life" License Plate to raise greater public awareness and much needed funding to help save the lives of innocent children. "Choose Life" License Plates have been approved in 29 States and even in our Nation's Capital, Washington, DC. Car by car, we are rapidly becoming a "Choose Life Nation."

It's simple. It's effective. It's something everyone can do! The citizens of Newtown are requesting "acts of kindness" and "public service." On this first anniversary, please join America's "Caravan of Life and Love" with a "Choose Life" Tag on all your cars and vans. Please visit www.choose-life.org and click on your State. Thank you for putting "Children First" with a "Choose Life" Tag on every car.