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The Third Truth - Corruption of America's Grand Juries

Contact: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, The JAG HUNTER, 423-351-9677, jaghunter1@gmail.com

OPINION, March 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III:

THE THIRD TRUTH - Corruption of America's Grand Juries
By Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, United States Navy Retired

Irony is described as the collision of two contradictory or competing truths.

In the collision there is the making out of a new truth--a third truth--that emotes a laugh or a smile either happy or sad.

There has been such a collision in Monroe County Tennessee!

In the first truth we find that Tennessee state law commands all jurors be selected in a way that prohibits the possibility of human intervention.

In the second truth there is Criminal Circuit Court Judge Carroll L. Ross' recent installment of Mr. Gary D. Pettway as Foreman to the Monroe County Grand Jury for a twenty-seventh consecutive year.

In the collision there emerged our third truth which is that Monroe County prosecutors and judges dispensed with the use of Grand Juries decades ago.

Judges and prosecutors trashed our Grand Juries in favor manufacturing a dark, secret machine few know about or know how to operate. Tennessee State judges and prosecutors designed and manufactured the machine to take direct action against people the state criminally accuses (Attainder).

The machine and its operation are necessarily cloaked and hidden in order to keep the machine running smoothing without outside interference.

Secrecy further gives cover to government criminals self-absorbed in protecting themselves and government criminal cohorts operating similar machines throughout Tennessee State and throughout America.

Pettway and Judge Ross remain at work as chief engineers of the Monroe County machine, Pettway now into his twenty-seventy consecutive year before fifty-four different County Grand Juries.

Relentless outside public pressure is sure to force expedited corrective action. Immediate arrests of Ross and Pettway for instance effectively works as a damage control response to righting our sinking ship of state.

Visiting criminal consequences upon those who have so maliciously perpetrated fraud on our courts will have a bracing effect upon government functionaries everywhere.

Resurrection of the community Grand Jury is the news of the day.

Similar conditions exist nationwide.

Grand Juries are what make us a Representative Republic. Taking back our Country means taking back our community Grand Juries!

The first grand jury we can to bring back to life is the one in Monroe County Tennessee.

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• Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III -- The JAG HUNTER: jaghunter1@gmail.com


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