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True Light Games Announces 'Through The Shadows' PC Game

Contact: Michael Angel, Owner, True Light Games, 770-516-1695, info@truelightgames.com

ATLANTA, Jan. 3, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- True Light Games is pleased to announce the development of "Through The Shadows," their Christian video game for PC. "Through The Shadows" is being funded through Kickstarter.com. The project is active through January 17, 2013, and allows people to take an active role in the process.

True Light Games was founded in 2010 by Owner Michael Angel. "'Through The Shadows' represents several years of research," Mr. Angel explains, "and is my response to the desperate need for high end Christian games. The world of hi-tech video games has become so corrupt, it is hard for the concerned parent to even begin to imagine. I felt an obligation to devote every ounce of my free time to make a game specifically for fellow believers. This is my call for us to claim a corner of the market for Christ."

Mr. Angel is sending out the clear message to every Christian, that this is an opportunity to make a stand for their families, youth, and communities. He states that "everyone wants to have the greatest new thing, and since 90% of youth play video games, 70% of heads of household play Triple-A, or Major Release games, the push to own these titles is so strong, it becomes easy to cast aside one's concerns about content. Unfortunately, the 'wants' of society are replacing the purity we have been called to in Christ. Serious gamers have little reason to seek out Christian titles, as there are few attempts at high quality Christian content. I am challenging myself to design something that proves that a Christian Triple-A game can be just as entertaining as any secular release, and can even redeem one's entertainment hours, filling them with the excitement of learning about the Bible, our rich history, and it can make a statement about who we are as believers."

Michael goes on to describe that "this can also serve as an outreach to non-believers. I have been careful to learn the latest 3D CGI design, and have studied the most successful game franchises to understand the technical excellence required. I need to cover basic expenses to release 'Through The Shadows' by December, 2013. I am calling on every fellow believer to get involved. Please go to our Kickstarter page (www.kickstarter.com/projects/1931442968/through-the-shadows) and become a Backer. Of equal importance, please tell your Pastors, Friends, Elders, and Deacons. We must make a stand for what we expect in future game content. Nothing will change if someone does not step up to the plate and show that it can be done. So, please visit the site and share it with everyone you know."

Please go to the following link:

You will see a 12 minute video that covers the story, behind-the-scenes information, the making of the game, the music soundtrack, and more. Backers receive special rewards for getting involved.