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Millions Set to Make Pilgrimage to See Shroud of Turin

New Book Reveals Evidence that Proves Life and Death of Jesus

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WASHINGTON, March 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Shroud of Turin, one of history's most controversial and perplexing relics, is set to draw a crowd more than 5 times as big as the Olympic Games in Vancouver. Two million people are expected in Turin, Italy to see the ancient burial cloth when it goes on display in April. While some believe that purported image of Jesus is a fake, investigative journalist Robert K. Wilcox, author of The Truth About The Shroud of Turin: Solving the Mystery, says the authenticity of the burial cloth of is no longer overshadowed by doubt.

"For the first time mounting evidence and amazing new technology proves in my mind that the shroud is the burial cloth of Jesus," says Wilcox. "Throughout history the shroud has changed the minds of many hardened scientists and even today many skeptics now count themselves as believers."

Wilcox is the only journalist to tackle this controversial subject and examine both the science and the faith fueling the debate. Using his investigative eye and compelling writing style, Wilcox unravels the mystery behind the artifact. While many books cite only studies, The Truth About The Shroud of Turin contains interviews with scientists and researchers using cutting-edge technology to look into the scientific facets of this historical mystery and reveal the latest evidence behind the claim that the shroud is actually the cloth that was placed over Jesus' tortured body.

The Truth About The Shroud of Turin exposes new evidence including:

• Skeptics have long cited Carbon 14 tests performed in 1988 as proof the shroud did not belong to Jesus--Wilcox proves that test was done on a small corner of cloth restored in the 13th century.

• Using the latest photographic capabilities and the science of radiation Wilcox reveals the shroud's mysterious photographic properties no medieval or modern forger could create.

• Science shows the images on the shroud were formed from real blood--giving evidence that the shroud covered a real human tortured in the same brutal way Jesus was said to be.

• Amazing new technology helped scientists detect on the shroud the type of thorns left around Jesus' head and the flowers placed on his body--all plants found to bloom only in Jerusalem at the same time of year and day when Jesus was reportedly crucified.

The Truth About The Shroud of Turin not only convinces the reader of the shroud's authenticity and the existence of Jesus, but also exposes the scientific bias that rules today's modern age. Wilcox's research shows how many scientists today base their research on their own desired outcome rather than allowing the scientific method to determine the truth.

To schedule an interview with Robert K. Wilcox please contact Sally Brock at 202.216.0601 ext. 521 or sbrock@eaglepub.com.