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ObamaCare = Coerced Abortions

Health care bill that funds abortion and rations care will lead to women being coerced into abortions

Contact: Demi Bardsley, Concerned Women for America, 202-488-7000 ext. 1020

WASHINGTON, Oct. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today Concerned Women for America will join in a press conference on health care with numerous groups including Focus on the Family Action, National Right to Life, and Family Research Council as well as Representatives Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina,) Tom Price (R-Georgia) and Eric Cantor (R-Virginia.) The press conference will be held in the House Triangle.

"Women are generally the primary decision-makers in the family when it comes to health care. However, our ability to make health care decisions will be snatched away and given to bureaucrats empowered to ration care and pay for abortion," stated Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America.

"The current bill sets up a system whereby bureaucrats decide what health care we can receive, with cost as a major factor. It also will fund abortion. Since abortion costs less than prenatal care, delivery and post-natal care, especially if the mother or child has special needs, it is not unlikely that bureaucrats will put on their green-eye shades and decide that abortion will be covered but expensive maternal and child care is not.

"Amendments to ensure access to health benefits regardless of age, expected length of life or disability were defeated along party lines. This means that the most vulnerable -- unborn and premature babies, and those with special needs -- will be discriminated against if this bill passes.

"This bill gives czar-like power to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who has a history of siding with abortionists over women.  President Obama's appointees who have little regard for the value of life are far less qualified than mothers to make health decisions for our families."

Concerned Women for America is the nation's largest public policy women's organization.