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All Three School Sexual Indoctrination Bills Vetoed

Governor Schwarzenegger Responds to Election-Year Pressure from CCF and Parents


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SACRAMENTO, Sept. 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Campaign for Children and Families (CCF), a leading California-based pro-family organization, is thrilled that all three school sexual indoctrination bills have been vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Late Thursday, Schwarzenegger vetoed AB 606, which would have required school policies promoting transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality under threat of yanking state funding, and AB 1056, which would have spent $250,000 to establish 10 so-called “tolerance” schools promoting all kinds of sexual lifestyles.


“We thank God that children in California public schools will be protected from this direct assault for one more year,” said CCF President Randy Thomasson. “The Democrat politicians and teacher unions are relentlessly pushing to sexually indoctrinate kids. Schwarzenegger has delayed them for now, in response to election-year pressure from irate parents and grandparents.”


In his veto messages, Schwarzenegger, who supports much of the transsexual-bisexual-homosexual agenda, said he vetoed AB 606 because it was “irresponsible” to create a new state mandate on schools, and pointed to existing laws regarding “discrimination and harassment” in the schools. The Governor said he vetoed AB 1056 because it was “largely duplicative of current efforts to provide more avenues to teach about tolerance and human rights.”


Earlier this month, on Sept. 6, Schwarzenegger vetoed SB 1437, which would have changed school textbooks to require positive promotion of transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality.


Campaign for Children and Families and others have been lobbying against the three sexual indoctrination bills all year long. On Sept. 5, CCF led a State Capitol protest against the three bills; the next day, the flagship bill, SB 1437, was vetoed. With two sexual indoctrination bills remaining, CCF issued several news releases and calls to action and did numerous media appearances demanding that the Governor veto all the indoctrination bills or risk losing support in his reelection bid.


“Congratulations to everyone who called and wrote the Governor and who supported Campaign for Children and Families in this intense battle for children’s minds and bodies,” said Thomasson. “Cherish the victory and pray to God that these sexual indoctrination bills never, ever return.”


CAMPAIGN FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES (CCF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization representing children and families in California and America. CCF stands for marriage and family, parental rights, the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, financial freedom, and back-to-basics education.