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'Be Not Deceived' Awarded Prestigious FaithWriters' 'Outstanding Read' Seal of Approval

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Ed Mrkvicka's popular and controversial new book, "Be Not Deceived," has been lauded by the over 30 thousand member FaithWriters worldwide association of religious writers.

The FaithWriters' review written by Linda Germain, which can be read in its entirety at http://reviews.faithwriters.com/Archives/Non-FictionSeptember2007-1.php, says: "Get ready for a spiritual sledgehammer right between the eyes of your heart: The majority of us will spend eternity in hell.

That is the premise of this very well written and Scripture supported book. The author is unflinching in his warnings to re-assess the once-saved-always-saved belief. God's grace is not an insurance policy that covers willful disobedience. He does not send us to Hell. We send ourselves by the choices we make.

A short review of such an outstanding book cannot begin to encompass its depth. I have quoted liberally from its passages, since Mr. Mrkvicka's words are so effective in piercing to the heart of the matter. To try to put the author's offering in perspective, he reminds us over and over, "…we declare ourselves Christian, but if we do not exhibit the works of our Lord and Savior, we will not be believed by the One who matters. We can fool others. We can even fool ourselves. But we cannot fool God!" (P. 172)

Although this is well written and easy to understand, I do not consider it light reading. Gaining insight into our relationship with our Creator, the one who holds our eternal lives in His hands, is as serious as it gets.

This is a hi-liter and pen-in-hand kind of study. No matter on which side of salvation theology you stand, I highly recommend this book as part of any seeking, thinking Christian's library."

Based on Ms. Germain's review, FaithWriters awarded "Be Not Deceived" its highly coveted Seal of Approval, with a notation of being an "Outstanding" and "Excellent Read."

Mrkvicka stated, "'Be Not Deceived' answers the question: Are you saved, or do you just think you're saved? More importantly, if you have been deceived into losing your salvation, 'Be Not Deceived' will help you reclaim God's gift of everlasting life. Having FaithWriters acknowledge my effort on this important subject is a true honor for which I am most thankful."

"Be Not Deceived"
Paperback: 188 pgs.
ISBN: 1412090032
Available: Amazon.com and Trafford.com/06-0759