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Pro-Homosexual Bill Advances in California

SB 777 Passes Assembly Judiciary Committee


Contact: Karen England, Executive Director, Capitol Resource Institute, 916-212-5607


SACRAMENTO, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Assembly Judiciary Committee passed SB 777 (Kuehl) early this morning. SB 777 is the highly controversial bill that bans any textbooks, teaching or activities in schools from "reflecting adversely" upon or "promoting bias against" homosexuals, transgenders, bisexuals and those with "gender issues". 


Similar to last session's SB 1437, vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger, SB 777 grants special privileges to those with perceived gender issues.


"SB 777 is an astounding assault on traditional values in California, especially for religious students," stated Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute. "These types of laws-that favor someone simply because of their sexual orientation-will inevitably result in reverse discrimination against religious students."


Testifying in the hearing on behalf of CRI was legislative liaison Meredith Turney. Her testimony described the alarming policies that will ultimately be implemented by SB 777: "Los Angeles Unified School District has already implemented a policy that states a boy perceiving himself to be a girl may use the girls' restroom and locker room. He may also participate in girls' sports and other female-only activities."


In response to Turney's poignant testimony on the full ramifications of SB 777, Senator Sheila Kuehl, the bill's author, resorted to misrepresenting the bill's true content. Senator Kuehl declared that the bill no longer contained the vague language "reflects adversely".  However, the bill in fact still contains the nebulous terms that could be used to silence students with traditional moral beliefs.


"Proponents of this bill claim that it is necessary to end bullying. In fact, SB 777 will not end bullying, it will instead confuse students at an already confusing time in their adolescence," stated Turney. "We wholeheartedly believe that any bullying and taunting, regardless of the motivation, should be punished. The best way to deal with bullying in schools is to restore classroom discipline. Passing more laws that discriminate against religious students will not end bullying or discrimination."


"Based on the bullying CRI experienced at the hands of SB 777's sponsors, we cannot believe that the true motivation behind this bill is to end bullying," stated England. "We call on citizens all across California to contact their legislators and express their dismay that SB 777 continues to work its way through the legislature. CRI knows that the average citizen opposes the unbelievable policies this bill will enact statewide-many are simply shocked when they learn of its implications. Parents do not want their young daughters in the same restroom or locker room with a boy who 'perceives' himself as a girl. The extremists in the legislature are pushing a radical agenda on the rest of California."


Just last month, Karen England appeared on Fox News Channel debating the sponsor of SB 777, Equality California. Immediately following the national program airing, a board member of Equality California sent menacing e-mails and videos to CRI staff, declaring that his group would "bury you" if CRI continued our efforts against SB 777. To watch England's Fox News appearance, visit CRI's see below.


CRI on Fox News Channel Opposing SB 777