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Exodus Mandate Challenges Churches and Ministries to Confront Education Catastrophe

"The Call to Dunkirk" Urges Churches and Ministries to Help Parents Rescue Children from the Corrupt and Decaying Government Education System


Contact:  Exodus Mandate, 803-714-1744


COLUMBIA, SC, Jan. 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- Because of the comprehensive and accelerating failure of the government school system, Exodus Mandate has launched "The Call to Dunkirk", a new initiative calling upon churches and ministries to reorder their priorities so that they can assist parents in rescuing their children from the public schools.


A key stumbling block preventing some Christian leaders from openly calling for the long overdue exodus of Christian families from government education has been the mistaken belief that traditional Christian schools and homeschooling are the only alternatives to government schools.


Consequently, a central focus of "The Call to Dunkirk" message is helping parents and pastors understand that, in addition to the excellent choices of Christian schools and homeschooling, technology now makes inexpensive Christian education alternatives readily available.  Theses options are spiritually, morally, and academically superior to government schools and any church, large or small, can easily implement them.


Exodus Mandate recently launched "The Call to Dunkirk" with a short video now available on YouTube that already has received tens of thousands of viewings.  In addition, "The Call to Dunkirk" has begun to generate media interest through numerous stories, including headline stories on One News Now and in World Net Daily, and radio appearances on network programs such as Moody Broadcasting Network's popular "Prime Time America" broadcast.


Many small Christian ministries and organizations support the K-12 Christian education or home schooling agenda for renewal of family, church and culture.  In the past, however, some of the larger Christian organizations, denominations, and pro-family ministries have mistakenly supported public school reform rather than calling for an exodus of Christian families from the rapidly disintegrating public school system.  Fortunately, these ministries are beginning to see that school reform efforts are futile given the manifest failure of school reform and the continued cultural deterioration. 


Dr. Bruce Shortt commented saying, "A lot of time has been wasted on school reform. You can no more reform the government school system than you could reform the Soviet collective farm system. The model is a mistake. Conservative school reformers are a lot like Civil War re-enactors who specialize in Pickett's Charge. They never take the high ground; they never really win. What we need today is new leadership."  


Dr. Voddie Baucham challenges African-American families saying, "Black families ask me, 'Why should we leave the public schools after our forefathers fought, marched and sometimes died for us to have the right to attend.'  My response is simple, our forefathers fought, marched and died so we wouldn't have to settle for the kind of education inflicted on minority children today. We need to march some more. And the first place is out of the front door of these Christ-dishonoring, academically inferior, soul-killing government indoctrination centers."   


Dr. Bruce Shortt added, "The Left has always understood that whoever controls the children owns the future. This is why so many of the 60's radicals like Bill Ayers went into education. Now they effectively control the government school system. But worse, we give them our children."  


Chaplain E. Ray Moore points out that the 2008 elections conclusively show the failure of the "lobbying, voting and legislative model" most of the pro-family movement have relied on to slow down and reverse the cultural and spiritual slide in the US. Moore further notes, "Christian and pro-family organizations are fighting in the right war but often use the wrong weapons and misdiagnose the real problems. We believe "The Call to Dunkirk" will help large Christian ministries, denominations, pro-family organizations, and families bring the true problem into focus and better understand the many available, practical solutions.    


E. Ray Moore, Chaplain (Lt.Col.) USAR Ret., Director of the Exodus Mandate Project; Dr. Bruce Shortt, lawyer and author of THE HARSH TRUTH ABOUT PUBLIC SCHOOLS; Dr. Voddie Baucham, Southern Baptist pastor, conference speaker on family and home education and author of FAMILY DRIVEN FAITH will serve as the principal spokesmen for this special one year emergency rescue plan.


To arrange an interview or speaking opportunity with Dr's Bruce Shortt, Voddie Baucham or Chaplain E. Ray Moore, contact Exodus Mandate at www.exodusmandate.org or by phone at 803-714-1744 (wk).