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Adapting to Sea Level Rise


Tuscarora USA

Nov. 4, 2019


WASHINGTON, Nov. 4, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Benjamin Pietsch, President and Chief Technology Officer of Tuscarora USA releases the following and is available for comment:


Sea level rise continues to impact shorelines through the world. A leading theory contends that Earth's rising average surface temperature continues to melt the polar ice caps. Water from the melting polar ice caps subsequently flows into waterways thereby raising sea levels.


Sea level has risen about 390 feet over the last 20,000 years as the last ice age ended. During the 20th century, sea level rose about 7.9 inches, according to data collected from tide gauges.


NASA has collected sea level data by satellites since 1993. Over this 26 year period sea level has risen about 3.5 inches, according to NASA measurement data.


In recent years, many climate scientists point to man-made greenhouse gases as a contributor to sea level rise. As a precautionary measure, many countries have committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Hopefully, reducing carbon emissions will slow global warming and subsequent sea level rise.


Even so, reducing carbon emissions might not sufficiently reduce global warming and the rate of sea level rise. Therefore, it would be prudent for the world to take action to prepare for coming centuries of an increasingly hot climate and higher sea levels.


Coastal infrastructure and building improvements need to be deployed to cope with on-going sea level rise. We can borrow know-how from the Dutch who have built dikes for centuries to deal with sea level rise and who lead the world with their technology along shorelines.


As we invest in programs to reduce carbon emissions, we also need large-scale programs to protect vulnerable populations along shorelines.


SOURCE Tuscarora USA


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