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Celebrate 7 Billion People With Us

Contact: Colin Mason, Population Research Institute, 540-622-5240 ext 209

FRONT ROYAL, Va., Oct. 19, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Steven W. Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute (PRI), will address the media at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on Monday, October 31st 2011, at 1:00pm, on the topic of the birth of the world's seven billionth person.
The United Nations Population Division has projected October 31st 2011 as the day on which the world will be home to seven billion people. "This is a happy occasion," says Mosher, a leading population expert and best-selling author.  "The world's population has more than doubled since 1960, and humanity has never been so prosperous."
The family planners, supported by assorted radical feminists, environmental extremists, and no-growth types, are abusing this milestone to promote the myth of overpopulation and to raise more money for their anti-people projects.  "The attitude of the anti-people types is arrogant and elitist," says Mosher.  "They say, in effect, to Africans, Asians and Latin Americans: 'There are just enough of us, but there are way too many of you.'"
According to Mosher, "Contrary to what you might hear, the most pressing problem in country after country today is not overpopulation, but underpopulation.  In a time of fiscal austerity, the last thing that we need to be doing is spending more tax dollars to drive down the birth rate, reducing the amount of human capital available, and making us all poorer in the long run." 
"We are grateful that Baby Seven Billion will come into this world," Mosher says.  "Baby Seven Billion, boy or girl, red or yellow, black or white, is not a liability, but an asset; not a curse, but a blessing for us all. Humanity's long-term problem is not going to be too many children, but too few children."
Mosher's analysis of world population trends is a welcome corrective to the United Nations Population Fund's (UNFPA) misleading report on The State of World Population 2010.  Further US funding of the UNFPA is presently in jeopardy because of UN population control agency's continued involvement in China's coercive one-child policy.  PRI investigations have repeatedly shown that the UNFPA is complicit in a policy that is carried out by means of forced abortions and forced sterilizations, and which has eliminated some 400 million Chinese.