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Mississippi Personhood Amendment 26 Kicks Off 'Conceived in Rape' Tour Today

Contact: Les Riley, 662-760-8695; www.personhoodmississippi.com

JACKSON, Miss., June 2, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- As part of their educational outreach, Personhood Mississippi is sponsoring the "Conceived in Rape" tour, which kicks off today, featuring renowned speaker Rebecca Kiessling. Not only will the tour promote Amendment 26, Mississippi's Personhood amendment, but it will also raise funds for crisis pregnancy centers in Mississippi.

Rebeccca Kiessling has long been an advocate for the personhood rights for every human being, no matter the circumstances of their conception or birth. Rebecca will be answering the "tough" questions on abortion, specifically discussing children conceived in rape, as she was. Conceived in rape and targeted for abortion, Rebecca will explain why Mississippi voters should vote "Yes" on Amendment 26, and what the abortion "exceptions" proposed by many really mean. "I know that most people don't put a face to this issue. For them, it's just a concept -- a quick cliche, and they sweep it under the rug and forget about it," Rebecca explains on her website, rebeccakiessling.com. "I do hope that, as a child of rape, I can help to put a face, a voice, and a story to this issue." Rebecca passionately defends the rights of preborn babies, and was recently quoted at a Personhood hearing as saying, "If you really care about a rape victim, you would want to protect her from the abortion, and not the baby. A baby is not the worst thing that could ever happen to a rape victim - an abortion is."

The "Conceived in Rape" tour has four stops, beginning in Southaven today and ending in Gulfport. All are welcome to learn the truth about "exceptions" and to learn how they can participate in Amendment 26.

Trinity Baptist Church
7200 Swinnea Rd - just North of Goodman
7:00 PM - Thurs June 2

The Loft (Restaurant)
535 Central Ave
12:00 to 1:00 PM (Luncheon)
Friday, June 3 -- Admission free, but please buy a plate lunch

Trinity Lutheran Church
4805 Highway 39 North
7:00 PM - Fri June 3

Northwoods Church
14281 Oneal Rd
6:00 PM - Sat June 4

Personhood Mississippi is a statewide grassroots organization of concerned citizens who value human life. Personhood Mississippi is sponsoring the Personhood Amendment to the Mississippi constitution, Amendment 26, which "The term 'person' or 'persons' shall include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof."