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Obama, Notre Dame, and Abortion: Protests in Chicago at Notre Dame's Chairman of Board, and Notre Dame Board Fellow
Contact: Joseph Landry, www.stopobamanotredame.com, 904-687-9804
CHICAGO, April 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Tuesday, April 7, scores of Catholics will hold Protests at Notre Dame Board of Fellows business offices. These are: Richard C. Notebaert, Board of Fellows, and Chairman of the Notre Dame Board of Trustees; Arthur R. Velasquez, Board of Fellows.
Background: Notre Dame by-laws state that the Board of Trustees is charged to "Ensure that the University maintains its essential character as a Catholic institution of higher learning..."
Messrs Notebaert and Velasquez are duty bound to stop the betrayal of Catholic orthodoxy inherent in President Obama's invitation to the University.
Protests are organized by Randall Terry, Operation Rescue Founder, and other pro-life leaders.
Mr. Terry states:
"Tuesday marks the beginning of coordinated vigils and protests at the churches, businesses, and homes of Notre Dame Board of Fellows members and Board of Trustees members concerning President Obama speaking at Notre Dame's commencement.
"Our first protest is where it should be: the office of the Notre Dame Fellow and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Richard C. Notebaert; our second protest is at the office of Arthur R. Velasquez, also a member of the elite 'Board of Fellows.' Our message to them is simple: Cancel President Obama, Dismiss President Jenkins.
"Inviting President Obama flagrantly violates the 'essential character' of a 'Catholic institution.' Obama's policies cause the death of the innocent across the world; Notre Dame's invitation betrays those that are being killed, as well as Catholic orthodoxy. This may be the largest scandal since WWII.
"Prior to the election, we heard that Senator Obama was a 'community organizer' like Jesus, and that Governor Palin was like 'Pilate.' We evidently got our historical figures crossed.
"Protestors will hold banners, including a large banner stating: 'Would you invite Pilate after he condemned Christ?' and 'Would you invite Herod after the slaughter in Bethlehem?' And in case anyone is wondering – yes – we are comparing Obama to Pilate and Herod...as we believe history will."
11:00 am- 12:30 pm, office of Richard C. Notebaert, Chairman, Notre Dame Board of Trustees; Boardroom Consultants, 200 W. Madison, Suite 2800; Chicago, IL 60606.
1:30 – 2:00 pm, office of Arthur R. Velasquez, Board of Fellows, Azteca Foods, 5005 S. Nagle, Chicago IL 60638.
www.stopobamanotredame.com  for more details.