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Pro-Life Unity Delivers Georgians for Life Petitions

Contact: Jenny Hodges, Pro-Life Unity, 404-435-8852, jenny@prolifeunity.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today, Jenny Hodges, National Director for Pro-Life Unity at ProLifeUnity.com is distributing 20,000 signed petitions to Georgia representatives at the state Capitol. The petitions were signed by citizens of Georgia. Georgians for Life, a grassroots effort, assembled the petitions to show the Georgia representatives that there are many people in Georgia who know that abortion must end. This effort follows the Let Them Live Rally, an event sponsored by Pro-Life Unity, which was held yesterday, January the 14th, 2008.


According to Hodges, this petition campaign is proving that grassroots efforts are reaching out to communities and challenging abortion. She said that this will be the year that Georgians take charge of protecting their own people.


The Let Them Live Rally at the Georgia Capitol was in support of HR 536, a Human Life Amendment and was submitted by Rep. Martin Scott. A steady stream of people came to the rally, closing two lanes in front of the Capitol for almost four hours. At least four news camera crews were there, as were representatives of PBS and other journals.


Jenny Hodges, National Director for Pro-Life Unity stated:


"The Rally was hugely successful and proves that Georgia is a Pro-Life state. Many people went into the capitol & spoke to legislators & delivered letters to them, letters explaining their desire to end abortion in Georgia.


We are glad that the police and Georgia representatives were so kind and helpful to us yesterday. They helped us with all our needs and didn't put up any roadblocks to our effort. The only complaint came from Gov. Perdue's office who asked us to turn down the sound. Apparently the aids couldn't manage their phone calls because, according to a policeman's statement from one of them, we were too loud.


I regret that Governor Sonny Perdue didn't come out to address the audience or the Pro-Life leaders, like Dr. Alan Keyes, Dr. Johnny Hunter, Dean Nelson, Flip Benham, Troy Newman, Alveda King, Michael Peroutka, Samuel Mosteller, Eric Scheidler, Pastor William F. Brown, State Representative Melvin J. Everson, Dr. William Greene, Elder William E. Jones I, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and Representative Martin Scott. Gov. Perdue missed an opportunity to speak with these national leaders.


I'm honored that so many top representatives in the black community are working with Pro-Life Unity and are helping us stand in defense of life. This Human Life Amendment campaign is crossing all lines, & influential members of the black and white communities are working together, fulfilling Martin Luther King Jr's dream."


Dean Nelson, President of Global Outreach Campus Ministries, a chapter of which is at Georgia Tech, said during the rally that "even Dr. Seuss recognized that a person's a person no matter how small".


Peter Shinn, President of Pro-Life Unity said that petition efforts like the one sponsored by Georgians for Life are needed so that the community has a greater feel of input into the abortion issue. He added:


"Through efforts like the petition, we the people get a chance to acknowledge our Pro-Life sentiment."


In reference to the Rally, Shinn added, "So many people were going to the GeorgiaHLA.com website for information on the Rally and HR 536, the site was brought down temporarily until the bandwidth allotment was increased. The people of Georgia know that abortion is wrong and that it must end. We at Pro-Life Unity are going to help them with that shared vision.


Yesterday, Pro-Life leaders were acknowledging Martin Luther King Jr's upcoming birthday quoting his "I have a dream speech" I would like to quote a couple lines from that speech":


"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."


I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood."


For more information go to www.georgiahla.com, email jenny@prolifeunity.com or call Jenny Hodges at 404-435-8852.