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Destruction of Christianity by Apostasy
Destruction of Christianity in America – An Implosion from Within
Contact: Victor Vidal, 314-653-0467, VictorVidal500@Yahoo.com; www.closerwalk.net
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 29, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Will America survive the coming catastrophe. Perhaps you may be hearing messages from your church pews, political organizations, or even friends that the solution to America's problem is to elect people in political positions that will reflect Judeo-Christian values. America as a nation is on a fast track to a giant meltdown not from outside but from within. For the past 30 years, Christianity is dying from within the church. The church today is no longer representing the principles and the values of Jesus Christ. Instead of fixing the problems within the church, getting rid of idols we worship, and the apostasy we are enmeshed in, we resorted to pointing accusing fingers at people outside Christianity. We politicized the gospel messages of Christ for political gains. Jesus remains only a flag waving slogan.
A book, Closer Walk With Jesus recently written by Yinka Vidal, published by Lara Publications of St. Louis, 427 pages discusses some of the woes in the nation, and devotes some chapters to God's warnings to the United States and the coming catastrophe.
Learn more about the gradual destruction of Christianity within the churches in this article:
If we Christians do not start asking the real questions why pulpit messages are falling on deaf ears, why our youths walk away from Christianity after a couple of years in college, why the moral crisis inside the church is no different from the secular world, or why the present day church is polluted with idols, we are doomed.
We are at a turning point in the history of this nation. One politician or a group of people cannot undo the cumulative effects of the cup of iniquity. Can anybody stop the moving hand of God's judgment? Ask yourself where you stand as Christianity continues to unravel from within due to idolatry, hypocrisy, and apostasy inside the church. The Harbinger - this is the final blow that tears Christianity apart and ignites the mighty harmer of God's judgment. Sin is not the only culprit, but the hypocrisy that is continuously destroying Christianity from within. Where do you stand? Get a copy of the book, Closer Walk With Jesus. We are a nation under God's judgment. Apostasy may be the final blow.
Contact: Victor Vidal, St. Louis, MO. 800-599-7313 Email: VictorVidal500@Yahoo.com 314-653-0467, Fax: 314-653-6543, Website: www.closerwalk.net